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Response handling

Learn about how Adyen handles responses.

The type of response and the details of a response depend on the transaction's stage in the payment lifecycle. Some response details also depend on the entity that is returning the response.

Response details are returned in the API response.

Types of responses

The following sections indicate the types of responses, how to interpret them, and recommendations on follow-up actions to take.

HTTP status codes

The HTTP status code indicates the status of the API request you sent. The status code shows whether your request is processed successfully, or whether your request encountered an error.

View the list of HTTP status codes to understand how to interpret these codes.

Error codes and messages

When you make an API request to Adyen and there is an error, you receive a response with a HTTP status code different from 200. In this response, you get errorCode and message fields that help you diagnose and resolve the error. Errors range from connection issues to wrong payment method setups.

View the list of Adyen error codes and messages for an explanation of these codes and how they look in the API response.

Raw acquirer responses

A successful payment request (HTTP status code 200/OK) does not automatically mean that the payment is successful. The transaction can also be refused or cancelled by the responding financial institution, such as an issuer or payment method.

When a payment is successfully submitted a raw acquirer response is returned that indicates whether the financial institution authorized or rejected the payment. If applicable, the raw acquirer response provides reasons for a transaction that is rejected.

View the list of raw acquirer responses for the most commonly used payment methods.

How Adyen handles responses

When handling responses, the raw acquirer response is mapped to a refusal reason and result code.

Refusal reasons

Every payment method has its own set of raw acquirer responses. To provide an easier interpretation, Adyen maps each raw acquirer response to a unique refusal reason.

Refusal reasons are included in the API response.

Result codes

The result code summarizes the status of the response:

Result codes Description
Authorised The payment is approved by the financial institution.

The transaction is rejected by the payment method or card issuer. The payment method is received, and the request is rejected by the financial institution (e.g. payment method, card issuer). The payment is also refused by Adyen if the risk score is more than 99 points.

More reasons for receiving Refused include:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Issuer unavailable
  • Suspected fraud

The payment is received, but an error occurred while communicating with the financial institution.

Errors that are returned by Adyen can include the following reasons:

  • Misconfiguration of an acquirer account
  • Incorrect data elements were submitted

The full list of Adyen errors can be found in the Error codes and messages page.

Errors can also be returned by external financial institutions, including:

  • Format errors
  • Issuer is unavailable to respond

More examples of errors returned by external financial institutions can be found on the Raw acquirer responses page.


A cancellation request for a transaction is submitted and approved.

Result codes are included in the API response.