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Testing your online payments integration

Troubleshoot issues with your online payment integration before it goes live.

We recommend testing your full integration, including the client-side and server-side parts, in your test environment before accepting live payments.

Before you begin

  1. From your test Customer Area, get your test API key and test client key.
  2. Configure your test Customer Area with all the functionality you will support when you go live.
  3. Build an integration for accepting online payments.
  4. Set up your webhook server. Getting test webhooks is an important part of making sure that your integration can handle many scenarios.

Test your integration

Test the different types of transactions with Adyen that your integration handles. Test all the payment methods that you will offer. For each payment method, test your payment request with all the countryCode values for the shopper countries/regions you will accept.

For example, in your client-side app's test environment, enter a test card number in your payment form and submit it. Then, check that your server-side setup makes the corresponding request and that your webhook server gets the corresponding webhook.

Test credentials

Use test credentials to test your online payments integration.