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Get payout status

Get the actual payout state at merchant level.

If there are any pending changes for the specified payout, the /getPayoutStatus response returns the following:

  • The original status of the payout. For example, the previous status before the payout was set to pending. 
  • The new status requested for the payout. This is the status that is waiting for approval or rejection.

Request parameters

To obtain payout status information for a merchant, make a POST /getPayoutStatus request specifying:

Name Type Required Description
merchantCode String
A merchant code string holds a value to identify a merchant. Format:
  • Either: MerchantAccount.Merchant_Code
  • Or: Merchant_Code

Response parameters

The response contains the following information:

Name Type Returned by default Description
actualState String

The actual status of the payout.
Allowed values:

  • Blocked
  • Unblocked
status String

The original status of the payout, i.e. preceding the pending status.
Allowed values:

  • NonPayable (This is always the initial status)
  • Payable
  • Blocked
pendingNewStatus String

The payout status change that has been requested, and that is waiting for approval or rejection while the payout is pending.
Allowed values:

  • Payable
  • Blocked

When a payout is pending, it is considered blocked.

jaasUserKey String
String representation of the account user name used to modify the status.
note String
When a payout is set to Blocked, you can add an explanatory note.
If it is populated, the corresponding content is returned here. 
pspReference String
A reference to uniquely identify the request.
warnings String
List containing one or more warning messages.
Returned when the request is not correctly processed.
errors String
List containing one or more error messages.
Returned when the request fails.



 <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <getPayoutStatus xmlns="">


   "note":"Updated via API",
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <ns0:note>Updated via API</ns0:note>