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List cost contracts

Retrieve data for all cost contracts, either for a company or the specified merchant accounts.

Request parameters

To retrieve a list of cost contracts for a specific account key, make a POST /listCostContracts request specifying:

Name Type Required Description
accountKey String

Unique reference to identify an account.

  • Company account key format: Company.COMPANY_CODE
  • Merchant account key format: Merchant.MERCHANT_CODE

Response parameters

The response contains a cost contract list for the specified account key.

There needs to be at least one cost contract associated with the specified  accountKey for the response to return a populated  costContractDataSO object.

Name Type Returned by default Description
costContractDataSO class

A container for cost contract data.

This field takes the following children:

  • billable
  • minimumAmount
  • minimumTxs
  • name
  • remark
  • startDate
  • stopDate 
billable Boolean
  • true: the cost contract is billable.
  • false: the cost contract is not billable.
minimumAmount int
The minimum chargeable amount per invoice.
The value is represented using the euro currency and minor units (i.e. 1000 = 10 EUR).
minimumTxs int
The minimum number of transactions per month.
name String
The name identifying the cost contract.


Free text comment or remark about the cost contract.
startDate String
The start date when the cost contract becomes effective.
stopDate String
The end date after which the cost contract is not effective any longer.
If not end date is returned, it means the contract is effective until one of the parties takes action to terminate it.
pspReference String
Adyen's 16-character unique reference associated with the transaction/the request. This value is globally unique; quote it when communicating with us about this request.



 <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <listCostContracts xmlns="">


 <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns0="">    <soap:Body>