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Manage cost contracts

View and manage cost contracts for your company and merchant accounts.

You can create and delete cost contracts at the merchant or company level.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Cost contracts need to be consecutive.
  • startDate needs to be set at least one month in the future.
  • endDate needs to be set not later than two years in the future.
  • No date overlapping between or among cost contracts; at any given time there must be only one active instance of a cost contract.
  • No time gap between consecutive cost contracts: two consecutive cost contracts in a sequence cannot include any downtime in between when there is no active cost contract.
  • Do not pass these fields if you are creating a cost contract for a merchant account:

    • minimumTxs
    • minimumAmount
    • remark
    • billable
  • You cannot edit or modify cost contracts whose dates are set in the past.
  • You cannot edit or modify the current active cost contract.
  • If you want to replace a cost contract, delete it first, and then create a new one.

Cost contract endpoints

The following API calls help you manage cost contracts: