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Update merchant data

Update an existing merchant account's details.

You can update the following details:

  • Your merchant name.
  • Your web shop URL.
  • The city you operate from.
  • The primary currency you use for payment settlements.
  • The duration between authorising a payment and capturing it.

This call supports full and partial updates:

  • All the populated fields in the update request are updated;
  • Any non-mandatory fields excluded from the operation are skipped.

For a field to be updated correctly, it needs to be completely populated. For example, to update an element that contains child elements, all the mandatory child elements must be populated with valid data.
If one or more mandatory sub-elements are missing from the update request, the whole parent element fails to update, and its value does not change.

Request parameters

To update merchant data information, submit a POST /updateMerchantData request specifying:

Name Type Required Description


A merchant code string holds a value to identify a merchant. Format:
  • Either: MerchantAccount.Merchant_Code
  • Or: Merchant_Code
Provide a new name for the merchant.
Provide a new URL pointing to your online shop.
Provide a new city you operate from.

Provide a different primary currency to settle payments.
Requirements and restrictions:

  • Currency format – The three-character ISO currency code.
  • You need to have an approved bank account that can handle transactions in the specified currency.

Define a new time interval between authorising and capturing a payment.
Allowed values:

  • 1 to 7: capture occurs a specified number of days after authorisation.
    • Min.: capture occurs 1 day after authorisation.
    • Max: capture occurs 7 days after authorisation.
  • immediate: capture occurs as soon as the payment is authorised, without any delay.
  • manual: capture does not occur automatically; you need to manually trigger it.

Response fields

If there are no errors in the request, the call returns a pspReference.If any issues occur during the process, the call returns one or more warning or error messages.

Name Type Returned by default Description
pspReference String
A reference to uniquely identify the request.
warnings String

List containing one or more warning messages.
Returned when the request is not correctly processed.
errors String
List containing one or more error messages.
Returned when the request fails.



<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <updateMerchantData xmlns="">


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">