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Cash App Pay chargebacks

Learn about the Cash App Pay chargeback process and the guidelines to dispute a chargeback.

Shoppers can initiate chargebacks directly with Cash App Pay up to 120 days after the payment, cancellation, or expected receipt of goods or services. When Cash App Pay opens a dispute, the funds are charged back, and you have 13 days to defend the dispute. If you don't respond within 13 days, the dispute is lost in favor of the shopper. If you do respond within 13 days and win the dispute, the funds are returned to you.

The Cash App Pay chargeback flow is as follows:

  1. Notification of Chargeback
  2. Chargeback
  3. Information Supplied
  4. Chargeback Reversed

Notification of Chargeback

Cash App Pay sent a Notification of Chargeback (NoC). The NotificationOfChargeback journal is booked, and the dispute process has started.

The 13-day period in which you can defend the dispute starts now.


Cash App Pay initiates the chargeback on behalf of the cardholder by sending a chargeback notification to Adyen stating the dispute reason. This usually happens on the same day that you receive the NoC.

We assign the dispute to you for review in your Customer Area > Risk > Disputes, or send you a webhook. At the same time, your liable account is debited for the chargeback amount, and the Chargeback journal is booked.

After your review, you can decide to either:

  • Accept the chargeback in your Customer Area. The dispute is lost and you can no longer defend it.
  • Defend the dispute. You need to upload the relevant defense documents (see Defense requirements) in your Customer Area or using the Disputes API. Accepted file formats for defense documents are: PDF, or images in JPEG, JPG, or TIFF format.

There is no opportunity later in the process to provide information.

Information Supplied

Adyen received your defense documents and forwarded them to Cash App Pay. It is no longer possible to change these documents.

Chargeback Reversed

Cash App Pay reviewed and accepted your defense. This is the final status.
The disputed amount is transferred to your account and the ChargebackReversed journal is booked.

Reason codes and guidelines

For a list of Cash App Pay dispute reason codes, see Dispute reason codes