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Risk management

Use our risk management solution to minimize fraud and maximize auth rates.

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Defending against fraud without creating a negative customer experience at checkout is a challenge. RevenueProtect, our risk management system, allows you to minimize fraud without impacting genuine transactions.

Risk rules

Our risk profiles are made up of a set of risk rules. RevenueProtect compares transactions to risk rules that you define, and increases the risk score of the payment if a transaction breaks these rules. This allows you to select a set of rules in a profile and apply that profile to different merchant accounts. For example, you can isolate low-risk from high-risk transactions, with different risk configurations for each profile.

You can configure standard risk rules that are applied to transactions. You can block transactions based on the shopper's profile, referral information from third parties , such as issuers, external risk rules, inconsistent shopper information, and usage frequency of shopper or card information. You can also build your own custom risk rules based on standard or custom risk rules to address the unique fraud risks faced by your business.

After you've set up risk rules, you'll need to handle risk rule notifications to be notified when risk rules are triggered by a transaction and perform A/B testing to determine whether changes you make to a configuration have a measurable impact.

To speed up the process of uploading referral information for risk rules you can automatically upload lists of referrals using the Referral list API. If you want to use run risk rules on payments processed by another PSP, our standalone risk solution lets you make risk-only calls to the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen. You can skip risk rules for certain transactions, to minimize the cost of processing less risky transactions.

Extra risk features

Outside of risk rules, we also provide some extra risk features.

  • Dynamic 3D Secure lets you decide whether a payment is authenticated using 3D Secure. This can help minimize friction at checkout, for example, you can choose to send only high-risk transactions for this extra-level of security.

  • Manual case management lets you manually review a transaction before it is captured. This adds a powerful second layer of enforcement to our standard risk rules.

  • Manage disputes (when a cardholder disputes a payment and contacts their issuer to reverse the payment) with our risk system.

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