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External risk rules

Use scores and results from other third-party risk mitigation systems with RevenueProtect.

Contact our Support Team to turn on these checks and coordinate with the third-party.

German SCHUFA Check

SCHUFA (Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung) is a German private credit bureau. Adyen's risk management lets you check shoppers credentials against the SCHUFA database for German SEPA transactions.

You have to include the parameters billingAddress, dateOfBirth, and shopperName in the payment request for this check to work.

The risk rule has filters that let you target high-value/high-risk transactions:

  • Transaction amount: You enter a transaction amount in minor units above which SEPA payments will be checked against the SCHUFA database.

  • SCHUFA thresholds: You specify two separate thresholds and assign a risk score for each; one for moderate risk and one for high risk.

When the rule triggers, SCHUFA responds with a value associated with the shopper. When both of the thresholds you set are applicable based on the SCHUFA response, the highest of these scores is used for the risk rule.

For example, when you set moderate risk to A with a risk score of 10, and set high risk to E with a risk score of 20, a response of:

  • A or above returns a risk score of 10. This is the base rule setting.
  • E or above returns a risk score of 20. This is the base rule setting.
  • C returns a risk score of 10.
  • M returns a risk score of 20.
SCHUFA Response Risk Score Riskiness
P 97.79% High
O 79.10%  
N 49.16%  
M 40.96% Medium
L 22.96%  
K 18.52%  
I 14.65%  
H 10.99%  
G 6.84% Low
F 4.11%  
E 2.67%  
D 1.80%  
C 1.36%  
B 0.92%  
A 0.44%  

Airline Perseuss External Referral Check


Perseuss is an airline-specific risk mitigation system. You can call Perseuss and receive a risk score for the transaction, which affects the Adyen risk score.

Generic External Risk Score


This check takes a score submitted in the payment request and uses it to change the Adyen risk score. Use this if you are using a separate risk system. The external score must be calculated before the payment request is submitted (pre-auth).

You can set values to receive in the external risk score and the corresponding value of the rule should be added to the Adyen risk score. For example, an external value of 5 may add 40 to the Adyen risk score. This setting is an exact match.