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Account Updater

Learn how to request updates to card information with our Account Updater services.

What is Real Time Account Updater?

To learn more, read our blog post on this topic: A new Account Updater — for buying in real time

Visa and Mastercard offer a service to inform customers about changes to account information (for example, expiry dates for cards). With Adyen's Account Updater services, you can update the account information of your shoppers' cards and maintain continuity in their payment relationship, despite their account information being updated. Adyen offers Account Updater services as an extension to the Adyen recurring payment service.

You can receive updates when:

  • A new expiry date for expired cards is available.
  • A new card replaces the old one.
  • A shopper reports loss or theft of their card.
  • A shopper informs their card issuer that they no longer authorise the merchant to charge their card automatically.

Choose your Account Updater

Depending on your business use case, you can opt for either our Real Time Account Updater or Batch Account Updater.

Real Time Account Updater

To check for updates from Visa and Mastercard in real time and ensure that your billing cycle uses up-to-date payment information, we recommend our Real Time Account Updater service as an integration-free solution.

We automatically request updates as the payments are being processed when you use our Real Time Account Updater. If a payment is declined, we send an account update request and immediately retry the payment with the updated details. You will receive the updated card information in a synchronous response. If you use Adyen tokenization, the token storing the card details will be updated automatically.

Batch Account Updater

Compared to the synchronous Real Time Account Updater, requesting card updates through Batch Account Updater is an asynchronous process.

When using Batch Account Updater, you send batch request files to us for updates. We request these updates from the schemes and then send the updated information back to you in a batch result file. You then need to make a /payments request to update the card details.

Batch Account Updater provides benefits over Real Time Account Updater for specific use cases, including:

  • Control over which cards are updated and when.
  • Making updated card details available at a certain time.
  • Making updated card details available on the initial transaction attempt.

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