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Modifications not processed

Find the modifications that were not processed.

Time zones

Your time zone setting affects the data in this report.

The Modifications not processed report includes all modification attempts that couldn't be processed. Modification attempts such as captures, cancels, and refunds are all actions that can be performed on an original payment and attempt to modify the authorised payment status.

For each unprocessed modification in this report, the transaction status of its original authorised payment in your Customer Area doesn't change. For example, if a refund request couldn't be processed due to insufficient balance, the original transaction will still have a Settled status in the list of transactions in your Customer Area.

A failed modification attempt also triggers a webhook with information about the failure.


Download a sample Modifications not processed report for examples of the included data.



Under the header line, each line in the report is a separate entry.


Each column shows specific information about the entries.

Columns Description
Company Account Name of your company account as registered in the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen.
Merchant Account Name of your merchant account used to process the original payment request.
Psp Reference Adyen's 16-character unique reference associated with the transaction/the request. You can find it in the response to the original payment request.
Merchant Reference Reference number provided when initiating the payment request.
Currency Three character ISO code for the currency which was used for processing the payment (transaction currency).
Amount The amount of the original transaction.
Creation Date Time stamp indicating when the capture was received by Adyen.
For example: 2020-07-26 19:58:55.
Modification Reference Adyen's unique identifier (PSP reference) for the modification request. Maximum length: 16 characters.
Modification Merchant Reference Optional modification reference for modifications like capture or refund.
Modification Currency Three character ISO code for the currency which was used for processing the modification.
Modification Amount The amount of the modification.
Modification Date The time stamp indicating when the modification was received by Adyen.
For example: 2020-07-29 12:15:23.
Modificationevent The code of the modification event. Possible values: RefundNotProcessed, CaptureNotProcessed, and CancelNotProcessed.
Eventdescription The reason why the modification was not processed.

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