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India domestic chargebacks with BillDesk

When you process payments in India, Adyen partners with BillDesk to offer credit and debit card payments, and payments through wallets, unified payments interface (UPI), and online banking.

If a payment is disputed, you can manage disputes using the Customer Area or the Disputes API for the following transaction types:

You cannot manage disputes for online banking India and wallets India (such as Amazon Pay) using the Customer Area or the Disputes API. For those disputes, the Adyen Support Team will help you through email.

The chargeback flow consists of the following steps:

  1. Notification of Chargeback
  2. Information Supplied
  3. 1st Chargeback
  4. Pre-arbitration

BillDesk flow

Notification of Chargeback

BillDesk initiates a Notification of Chargeback (NoC). The NotificationOfChargeback journal is booked. At this point, funds are not yet deducted from your account.

We assign the dispute to you for review in your live India Customer Area > Risk > Disputes or send you in a dispute webhook.

You have 7 days to respond to a chargeback notification.

The reason code specifies why the chargeback was initiated.

After your review, you can decide to either:

Information Supplied

Adyen received your defense documents and forwarded them to the scheme. It is no longer possible to change these documents.

Based on the information you provided, BillDesk assesses the dispute and makes a decision:

  • If BillDesk accepts your defense, no further journals are booked, and this is the final status.
  • If BillDesk rejects your defense, you will receive a chargeback.

1st Chargeback

If the shopper or the issuing bank does not accept your supporting document, or you failed to provide the defense documents in time, you will receive a chargeback. The Chargeback journal is booked, you receive a CHARGEBACK webhook, and your account is debited for the chargeback amount.

You cannot defend this chargeback. This is the final status and the dispute is lost.


If the issuer does not find the defense compelling enough, they can initiate pre-arbitration even after you win the chargeback and the chargeback did not appear on Adyen's settlement report for more than 60 days.

The disputes that go to pre-arbitration cannot be managed through the Disputes API or the Customer Area. The issuer will send an email to the Adyen Support Team highlighting the dispute that went to pre-arbitration. The Adyen Support Team will contact you for the next steps.

Managing chargebacks

You can manage the BillDesk chargeback flow using your Customer Area or the Disputes API.

Manage chargebacks in the Customer Area

In your live India Customer Area, you can view disputes, and manage the four stages of a BillDesk chargeback flow for a disputed payment.

Manage chargebacks using the Disputes API

If you have integrated our Disputes API, you will receive a dispute webhook when a shopper starts a dispute process with their issuer. Using the API, you can manage the BillDesk chargeback flow for the disputed payment.

If you want to know more about BillDesk, you can read it here.

Reason codes and guidelines

For a list of India domestic chargebacks with BillDesk dispute reason codes, see Dispute reason codes.