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Customize the hosted onboarding experience

Customize the users' experience on the Hosted Onboarding Page.

This page is for classic Adyen for Platforms integrations. If you are just starting your implementation, refer to our new integration guide instead.

You can easily customize the hosted onboarding user experience through the /getOnboardingUrl endpoint. The request parameters allow you to:

Collect information only for specific verification checks

The Hosted Onboarding Page collects information for all verification checks that apply to the legal entity type.

To collect information only for specific verification checks, specify the collectInformation object in your /getOnboardingUrl request.

You can choose to collect information only on the following checks or a combination thereof:

  • Bank details
  • Business details
  • Individual details
  • PCI questionnaire
  • Shareholder details

Specify which summary pages to show to the account holder

You can decide whether to show specific pages to the account holder by sending showPages object in your /getOnboardingUrl request.

You can show or hide the following pages:

  • Welcome page
  • Bank details summary
  • Business details summary
  • Individual details summary
  • Shareholder details summary

The welcome page is not shown by default.

Change the page language

By default, an onboarding page is rendered in the language set in the browser settings. If the browser language is not supported, the page is rendered in en-US.

To change the language:

  • The account holder can select the language from the drop-down menu at the top or the bottom of the page, depending on the header configuration.
  • Alternatively, you can send the shopperLocale in your /getOnboardingUrl request. When the account holder opens the page, the page is automatically rendered in the language you specified.

If the shopperLocale you specified is not supported, the page is rendered in the language set in the browser settings.

The following are the supported values for shopperLocale:

Language shopperlocale
Croatian hr-HR
Czech cs-CZ
Danish da-DK
Dutch nl-NL
English - US (default) en-US
Finnish fi-FI
French fr-FR
German de-DE
Hungarian hu-HU
Italian it-IT
Norwegian no-NO
Polish pl-PL
Portuguese pt-BR
Romanian ro-RO
Slovakia sk-SK
Slovenian sl-SI
Spanish es-ES
Swedish sv-SE

Change editing settings

The main purpose of HOP is to be a one-time onboarding tool, which means that, by default, account holders cannot edit data on HOP that has already been verified.
However, there may be special circumstances that require information to be updated even after verification checks have passed.
To change the default behavior and allow editing data, send the editMode parameter in your /getOnboardingUrl request.

Customize platform name

The name of your platform is shown on the welcome page.
To change the name, you must send the platformName in your /getOnboardingUrl request.

Override the default return URL

After the account holders complete the onboarding or their session times out, they are redirected back to the default return URL configured in your platform account.

To change this URL, send the returnURL object in your /getOnboardingUrl request.
The maximum length of the URL is 500 characters.