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Instant card funding

Instant card funding lets you process transactions for a shopper moving money from a card to another card, digital wallet or bank account. Adyen supports instant card funding transactions for Visa and Mastercard. Possible use cases include:


  • A shopper loading or topping up their prepaid cards.
  • A shopper moving funds into another of their financial accounts such as a savings deposit account or retirement account.
  • A shopper loading their third-party digital wallet.

Person to person money transfer

  • A funding source for person to person money transfers.

If this is your use case, you must send an instant card payout after an instant card funding transaction to ensure the funds reach the receiver.

Enable instant card funding

Step 1: Compliance

To enable instant card funding, you must submit compliance documents to Adyen. You must also specify your use case and fulfill compliance requirements for the card scheme. Contact your Account Manager to discuss the requirements.

Step 2: Configuration

When you have completed the compliance processes, contact our Support Team to enable instant card funding.

Process an instant card funding transaction

To process transactions for instant card funding, you must send some additional data fields in your /payments request to indicate who is sending the funds and, if applicable, who is receiving them.

Field Description
fundOrigin.shopperName The name of the sender
fundOrigin.billingAddress The address of the sender
fundRecipient.walletIdentifier Your unique identifier for the wallet or account the funds are being transferred to. You can use the shopper reference or any other identifier.

Instant card funding /payments requests sent without this data can be refused

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