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Payouts to a PayPal account

To make payouts using PayPal, you must give the API user the Initiate transactions to multiple recipients in a single batch permission.

To make a payout to a PayPal account, make a /storeDetailAndSubmitThirdParty call, including: 

  • selectedBrandpaypal
  • emailId: the email address for the PayPal account of the recipient (for the first payout)
  • paypal.payerId: the payer ID of the PayPal account of the recipient (for subsequent payouts)
  • shopperName
  • dateOfBirth

For the first payout, use the emailId field and enter the email address of the recipient's PayPal account. After a successful payout, you will receive a webhook event that contains the paypal.payerId. For subsequent payouts, use the paypal.payerId field instead of the emailId field. The payer ID stays the same for this recipient, even if they change their PayPal email address.

For a list of supported countries for payouts to PayPal accounts, refer to Online payouts.


      "gender" : "FEMALE",
   "dateOfBirth": "1982-07-17",
   "entityType" : "NaturalPerson",
   "nationality" : "NL",


   "reference":"Test Payout",

The response will contain a pspReference and a resultCode.


To complete the payout, send a request to the /confirmThirdParty endpoint, passing the pspReference from the previous response as an originalReference field value.


The response will contain a pspReference and a response.