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Learn about the available funds on your merchant account and how to manage them.

The Balances overview page in your Customer Area gives you a summary of your current balance for your merchant account, including details on available funds, deposits, and activity log.

The Available funds on a merchant account are made up of the following:

  • Pending: the gross amount of sales and refunds that have not yet been settled by the respective card scheme or payment method.

  • Next payout: the current amount to be settled to your bank account at the next moment of payout. This amount will change over time as sales, refunds, and other adjustments are being processed. In some cases, the next payout can become negative.

    The pending and next payout balances together are referred to as in-process funds.

  • Reserve: the available amount for refunds, payouts, chargebacks, and other operational expenses. The reserve will only be used if you have insufficient in-process funds to process these transactions.

  • Negative refund allowance: the additional balance to issue refunds even when your reserve is too low or insufficient. Adyen decides who is eligible to get a negative refund allowance.

The Deposit is the amount withheld by Adyen to cover for potential liabilities due to payments processing. This amount is dynamic and can change over time, for example when the number of chargebacks or refunds increases. For details, see Deposit .

The Activity log provides a historic overview of the past activities, such as balance transfers, payouts, adjustments, currency exchange, and top-ups.

Check your balances

To get an overview of the current balances on a merchant account:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area, and switch to the merchant account.
  2. Go to Finance > Balances (Merchant).
    This opens a page with an overview of the pending, next payout, reserve, negative refund allowance, and deposit balances on the merchant account.

If you want an overview of your current balances at a company level, switch to your company account and go to Finance > Balances (Company).

Here is an example of the Balances overview page:

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