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Framework entity onboarding

Learn how to onboard holding companies and processing entities.

Account structure

For an example of how a growing business adjusts its account structure, refer to Example account structures.

Let's assume your company contains multiple businesses affiliated under one holding entity. Generally, the holding entity does not act as a commercial player and does not process any payments. Instead it offers administrative or legal benefits to its affiliates. To onboard multiple legal entities owned by one common holding entity, Adyen offers the so-called framework entity onboarding.

With framework entity onboarding, the holding entity is added as a Company Account and the processing entities are added as new Merchant Accounts. The holding entity and the first processing entity go live the same day. To find out about the differences between the Company Account and the Merchant Account, refer to Account structure.

Complete onboarding applications

To make use of framework entity onboarding, you need to:

  1. Get a test account and provide your Adyen sales contact with details about the legal structure of your account. Framework entity onboarding will then be enabled for you on the Adyen's side.
  2. Log in to your test Customer Area.
  3. Under the Application section, select Fill out application.
  4. Select Start application and fill in the Main contracting entity application.
  5. Then, select Start application and fill in the Processing entity application.

These applications require you to provide the following information:

Main Contracting Entity Processing Entity
Ownership & control
Payout account
Ownership & control

Refer to Application requirements for details and instructions.

Note that your account will only go live when the main contracting entity and the first processing entity have been submitted and approved by Adyen.