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Getting paid

Find out how you get the money from the payments processed with Adyen.

The funds for all transactions that Adyen processes for you are sent to your payout account.

Payouts are sent separately to each of your merchant accounts. This means you have the option to change how you get paid for each of your merchant accounts.

How payouts work

The funds for the transactions Adyen processes for you are assigned to a payable batch based on your payout model. The Payable balance has the most up-to-date information about the current payable batch. The payable batch closes according to the payout frequency. If the Payable balance is positive when the payable batch closes, Adyen instructs the payout to you.

The funds you get are calculated on a net basis. This means you get your sales from a given period, minus any costs over this period, for example refunds, chargebacks, or transaction costs.

Payout currencies

Adyen supports payouts in different currencies and offers like-for-like (no currency conversion) settlement if the currency is also supported as a settlement currency by the payment method. The currency in which we can settle your payout account depends on the country of the acquiring connection used to route transactions.

See the list of currencies supported in different countries for more information about configuring the currency of your payout account.

Payout models

Which transactions are assigned to a payable batch depends on your payout model:

Sales day payout is the default payout model. In Africa, Brazil, and Turkey, Pass-through payout is the only available payout model.

Payout frequency

How often Adyen pays out to you is determined by the payout frequency. You can configure the payout frequency for each of your merchant accounts.

Depending on the currencies and banks involved, it may take up to two days for the payout funds to arrive in your account.

Bank holidays

On bank holidays, clearing for a specific currency may be closed and therefore Adyen cannot process payouts. Adyen also cannot receive funds.

This impacts when you receive your payout. The exact impact depends on the payout model used. More details on the exact impact per payout model can be found on Sales day payout and Pass-through payout.

If you want to receive notifications on a weekly basis about your currencies' upcoming bank holidays, enable the Balances notices Customer Area notification.

For a list of bank holidays, download Adyen observed bank holidays 2024.

Payout batches and reporting

With both payout models, Adyen pays you on a net basis. This means your payable batch is made up from your sales figure from which we deduct:

When the payable batch closes, we create a Settlement details report. This report contains information on the transactions that were credited or debited to your account, including the costs associated with these transactions.

To get your settlement details report we recommend you automatically generate and download reports.

Check your payout

You can view your payout details in your Customer Area.

You must have one of the following user roles:

  • Merchant admin
  • Merchant financial
  • Merchant view payouts
  • View payout schedule

To check your payout:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area, and select the merchant account you want to check.
  2. Go to Finance > Sales to payouts.
  3. Select the Payouts tab .
  4. Choose the date range you want to view.
    Bars appear, representing the payout amount for the selected date range.
  5. Click on a bar to view more detailed information, such as sales and refund amounts, below the payout chart.

To see how to check your payout, you can also watch a video here:

Change how you get paid

You can change how you get paid for each merchant account. This section is about making changes to the payout model and payout frequency. If you want to change the account where you receive the payouts, see Manage your bank account details.

To manage payout options, you must have one of the following user roles:

  • Change payout schedule
  • Merchant admin

To change the payout options for a merchant account:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Finance > Payout model.
    Here you see an overview of your merchant accounts and their payout configurations.
  3. To make changes, select Change and follow the instructions. You can change your:
  4. Accept the Terms & conditions and select Submit.

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