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Configure your invoice settings

Manage the settings of your invoices from Adyen.

You get invoices for payment processing, payment terminal orders, and other services. You can either configure invoice settings for one account or for multiple accounts at once.

Configure settings for one account

Go to the Invoice settings page:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area and go to Finance > Invoice overview.
  2. Select the Invoice settings button.

To learn how to configure invoice settings, you can also watch a video here:

To configure the settings for a merchant account instead of your company account, you need to switch to the merchant account.
The Invoice settings page includes the following sections:

Merchant invoicing

You can see this section if you're in a merchant account. Switch the toggles for the invoice types you want to enable or disable.

If the legal entity of your merchant account is different than that of your company account, you cannot disable these invoices.


These settings apply to all invoice types.

Field Description
Invoice currency Select the currency for the charges in your invoices.
Decimal Separator Select Point (1,000.99) or Comma (1.000,99), depending on how you want numbers to appear in your invoices.
Receive invoices via email Select Enabled if you want invoices to be sent to your email at the end of each month.
Alternative charged merchant account Optional You can see this if you are in a merchant account. To change the alternative account, contact our Support Team.
Charged merchant account You can see this if you are in your company account. To change the merchant account, contact our Support Team.
Invoice address The address on your invoices. To change the address, contact our Support Team.

Invoice-specific settings

These settings apply to the invoice type that matches the name of the section. For example, the settings apply to the Payment processing invoice, the section name is Payment processing.

Field Description
Type of invoice payment The method that you use to pay the charges in your invoice. To change the type, contact our Support Team.
Email address for invoices The email address where you want your invoice to be sent, if Receive invoices via email in General settings is enabled.
Order number Optional This only applies to Payment processing invoices and Terminal services invoices.
Enter a combination of numbers and letters that appears in your invoice.

Configure settings for multiple accounts

You can configure settings for more than one account at once if you switch to your company account.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area and go to Finance > Invoice overview.
  2. Select the Invoice settings button.
  3. Select Batch edit from the Invoice settings page.

You can configure the following sections:

Batch edit

Select the invoice type you want to configure settings for. General is for all invoice types.


Choose the accounts you want to configure invoice settings for:

  1. Select filters you want for accounts that appear in the table below.
  2. Select the settings icon and choose the Data density and Visible columns you want in the table.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the accounts you want to include.
  4. Select the Set button.


  1. Select the edit icon to configure the general settings or invoice-specific settings for the chosen invoice type.
  2. Select the Set button.

When you're done choosing accounts and configuring settings, select the Apply changes button.

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