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Sales day payout

Find out how Sales day payout works.

With Sales day payout, the funds you get do not depend on the settlement timelines of the schemes and payment methods used by your shoppers. You get all the funds from a particular sales day in a single payout batch, with a fixed payout delay.

The Sales day payout model provides:

  • Payouts and reports based on total sales from a single day.
  • Simplified reconciliation, because you can match a full day's payout with a full day's sales.
  • Predictable cash flows, because you know which sales are paid each day.

Sales day payout is the default payout model. In Africa, Brazil, and Turkey, Pass-through payout is the only available payout model.

Watch this video to see how to use the sales day payout dashboard:

How it works

Sales processed through Adyen in a 24h period are assigned to a payable batch after the payout delay. The payable batch closes according to your payout frequency, and Adyen pays out to you.

For example, let's consider a merchant account on Sales day payout with a payout delay of two days, and a daily payout frequency. All the sales processed though that merchant account on Monday, January 1, are paid out two days later, on Wednesday, January 3.

The default frequency for Sales day payout is daily, meaning each payout batch will contain all the sales from one day.

You can change your payout frequency to monthly, for example. In this case, the payout will contain the funds from all the sales days added to the payout batch in the last month.

Adjustments to your payout

Refunds, chargebacks, and other adjustments are added to the payable batch as they occur and are not related to the sales day of the original transaction.

If Adyen cannot capture the funds for a sales transaction that we already send you the money for, we will subtract those funds from the current payable batch.

For the most up-to-date information about the current payable batch, check your Next Payout balance.

Payout delay

The payout delay is how long after the sale the corresponding funds get assigned to a payable batch. For example, with a payout delay of two business days, sales that happened on Monday get assigned to the payout batch on Wednesday.

The following table shows an example payout schedule with a daily payout frequency and a payout delay of two days.

Sales day Payout day
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday the next week
Saturday Tuesday the next week
Sunday Tuesday the next week

However, the payout delay can increase due to bank holidays.

Payout delay calculation

The payout delay is calculated to be the break-even point, where faster payment methods settle enough funds to make up for the funds not yet settled by the slower payment methods.

The payout delay depends on the average settlement duration for the transactions in a merchant account. Your payout delay is influenced by:

  • Currencies you accept payments in.
  • Country where the transactions are acquired.

For a typical mix of payment methods, your payout delay will be:

Payout delay Situation
2 business days At least 80% of the transactions are in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, RON, SEK or USD and these transactions are acquired in the country or region of the applicable currency.
3 business days Other Sales day payout merchant accounts.
3 , 7, or 12 business days You've onboarded with Adyen through a partner connection. The exact payout delay depends on your industry.

Your payout delay is longer if your transactions mainly use schemes or payment methods that have long settlement delays. For example, American Express has a settlement delay of 7 days. If you process most payments through American Express, Adyen will set your payout delay to 7 business days.

Decreasing your payout delay

Adyen can decrease the payout delay for merchants based in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

To see what payout delay options are available to you, check your Sales day payout configuration.

Approval of accelerated sales day payout

We will review your request for accelerated sales day payouts, and inform you of the outcome by email. If your request is refused, the reason can be one of the following:

  • Unsupported currency.
    Accelerated Sales day payout is not available if more than 20% of the transaction volume is processed in non-standard Sales day payout currencies, and/or transactions are acquired outside the country or region of the applicable currency. Funds will be made available with the default Sales day payout delay.

    Contact Adyen for a list of the current standard Sales day payout currencies, and to discuss what you can change to be eligible for faster payouts.

  • Unsupported payment method mix.
    Sales day payout is not available for payment methods that pay out numerous days later than the settlement day, or that settle in an unpredictable manner. Funds will be made available using Pass-through settlement: when the funds are received by Adyen.

    Contact Adyen for a list of the current standard Sales day payout currencies, and to discuss what you can change to be eligible for faster payouts.

  • Requested in error.
    We reject your request if we are informed (for example, by your Adyen Account Manager) that you requested the wrong delay or changed your mind. You can submit a new request for your preferred payout model and payout delay in your Customer Area. Refer to configure your sales day.

  • Other reasons.
    Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Defining your sales day

By default, Adyen defines a sales day from midnight to midnight the next day, in the merchant account's local timezone.

If your business requires it, you can configure a different default sales day to start and end at a different time. For example, a bar might want to set the closing time to 2:00 AM, so that all sales from 2:00 AM up until 1:59:59 AM the next day get settled as a whole, in one payout. Delayed closing times are possible up until 6:00 AM.

In some cases you can also dynamically set a different sales day closing time every day.

Payable batch closing and report generation

For Sales day payout, the payable batch always closes two hours after your sales day closing time. For example, if you set the sales day closing time to midnight local time, Adyen will close the payable batch at 2:00 AM local time.

After the payable batch closes we create a bank instruction to pay out to you. Additionally, if you configured to generate reports automatically we'll start generating your Settlement details report.

Bank holidays

Bank holidays impact when you receive your payout. If you are using the Sales day payout model, the payout delay for a currency increases when a bank holiday falls on the sales day, the payout day, or in between the sales day and the payout day.

Here are some examples based on the payout delay of two business days:

Sales day Bank holiday Payout
Monday Wednesday
Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday next week Tuesday
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Monday Wednesday

For a list of bank holidays, refer to Getting Paid.

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