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Account structure

Learn about merchant accounts and how to navigate between them in Essentials.

You have one or more Adyen merchant accounts for processing payments. If you have several merchant accounts, you get a separate payout and a separate monthly invoice for each of your merchant accounts.

Multiple physical stores

If you have multiple physical stores associated to a single legal entity, you have one of the following setups, depending on your franchisor:

  • A separate merchant account for each store. You get a separate payout and a separate invoice for each store.
  • A single merchant account for all your stores. You get a single payout and invoice for all your stores.

Multiple legal entities

If you have multiple legal entities, you get a separate merchant account for each of your legal entities. For example, if you have a legal entity in the US and in Germany, you will have at least two merchant accounts.

Switch to another merchant account

In Essentials, you can view and manage a single merchant account at a time.

To switch to a different merchant account:

  1. In the upper-left corner, select the name of the current merchant account.
  2. Select the merchant account that you want to switch to.