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Look up payments

Look up detailed information about payments.

The Payments section contains a list of all your payments. You can filter by criteria such as status or payment method, and view detailed information about individual payments.

View all payments

To view payments, you need to have the View payments user role.

To view a list of all payments:

  1. Log in to Essentials.
  2. Go to Payments.
    This opens a list of all payments processed through your merchant account.

To download the full payments list as a CSV file, select Export in the upper-right corner.

Look up individual payments

To look up individual payments, you can use either:

  • The search bar at the top of the payments list.
  • The Filters menu in the upper-right corner. You can filter payments by date, status (for example Settled or Refused), amount, shopper interaction (Ecommerce or Point of Sale), payment method, and store.

View payment details

Selecting a specific payment in the list opens a panel with the following tabs:

  • Overview: detailed information about the payment.
  • Cancel/Refund: if it is possible to cancel or refund this payment, you can do so here.
  • History: the statuses that the payment has gone through.
  • Receipt: the receipt for the payment (only available for point-of-sale payments processed through a terminal).

Overview tab

The Overview tab contains detailed information about the payment, including:

Payment details

  • PSP reference: this is Adyen's unique 16-character reference for this payment.
  • Date: the creation date for this payment (when the payment status became Received).
  • Payment method: the payment method used to process this payment.
  • Cardholder name: the name of the cardholder.
  • Card number: the card number, with some digits masked.
  • Expiry date: expiry date of the card.
  • Issuer country: the country of the issuer.
  • Shopper interaction:
    • Ecommerce: payments processed online.
    • POS: payments processed at the point of sale.
    • ContAuth: payments processed using stored payment details.
  • Settlement Batch: available for payments with the status: Settled or Refunded. Indicates in which payout batch the payout or refund is processed.

Merchant details

  • Merchant reference: this is your reference for this payment.
  • Merchant account: the name of the merchant account through which this payment was processed.

Acquirer response

  • Status: status of the payment.
  • Response: the raw acquirer response, or the refusal reason in case the payment was refused.