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Set up gift card payments

Learn how to set up gift card payments with the Cegid Y2 plugin .

You can perform the following operations with gift cards:

  • Activation: when issuing a new gift card to a shopper, make an activation request so that the shopper can use the card for transactions. While activating the gift card, you can also load an initial balance.
  • Check balance: check the balance of a gift card.
  • Cash out: cash out the gift card balance by transferring the funds to a credit card.
  • Gift card credit note: return funds to a shopper's gift card, with a referenced or unreferenced refund.
  • Redemption: redeem the gift card balance to use the available funds for a payment.
  • Reloading: add funds to an activated gift card by making a load request.

To set up gift cards:

  1. Configure gift card operations in CPOS.
  2. Register gift card operation buttons
  3. Create a new payment method for each gift card input type you want to use.

Step 1: Configure gift card operations

To accept payments with gift cards, you first need to configure register operations got each operation you want to enable. You do not have to create a register operation for Redemption.

  1. Log in to your Cegid Retail Y2 back office.

  2. Go to Management > Register Operations > Characteristics.

  3. Use the table below to learn which fields and values you are required to set for each gift card operation type;

    Gift card operation Financial item type Type of credit request Send amount to EPT
    Activation Gift card acquisition Activation Enabled
    Check balance Enabled
    Cash out Gift card refund/reimbursement Enabled
    Gift card credit note Gift card refund/reimbursement Enabled
    Reloading Gift card acquisition Reloading Enabled
  4. Save your changes.

Step 2: Register gift card operation buttons

For each gift card register operation, assign a keypad button that performs the operation:

  1. In the Cegid Retail Y2 back office, go to Register > Keypad settings > Type.
  2. For Type of button, select Position.
  3. In the Position dropdown, select the register operation that you are creating a button for. Repeat this step for each register operation.
  4. Save your changes.

Step 3: Set up a payment method for gift cards

To redeem a gift card and accept it as a payment method you need to create a new payment method for gift cards, and add additional payment method configuration.

  1. Add gift cards as a payment method following the general instructions to create a new payment method, but make sure of the following:
    • On the Characteristics tab of the new gift card payment method, enter a Code and Short name that indicates gift cards. For example, enter a Code of GCD and a Short name of Adyen Gift Card.
    • On the Front-Office tab, set the Type to Gift card.
  2. Add the new payment method you created for gift cards to the mapping table you created when you set up the plugin.
  3. In the Cegid Retail Y2 back office, go to Settings > Registers and select your register.
  4. Select Settings for Peripheral and select EPT.
  5. Select Settings for Peripheral and go to the Payment Configuration field. This is the same field you configured when you set up the plugin.
  6. Add the following line to the field: GCD:GC,YOUR_ENTRY_MODE,StoredValueProvider{YOUR_GIFT_CARD_PROVIDER}:

    • GCD: The Code you defined for the payment method.
    • GC: Indicates that this is a gift card operation. Must be in bold font.
    • YOUR_ENTRY_MODE: specify the entry mode you want to use for gift cards. If you don't specify an entry mode, the cashier prompts to choose an entry mode manually each time you attempt a gift card transaction.

      Entry mode Definition
      MSE Magnetic stripe entry, this is when you swipe the magnetic stripe of the gift card.
      SCA Scanning the barcode of the gift card.
      MKE Manual key entry, this is when you enter the gift card number on the terminal.
    • {YOUR_GIFT_CARD_PROVIDER}: specify the gift card provider you use. Possible values: svs, givex, or valuelink.

    For example, gift card payments using the magnetic strip entry input mode for Givex gift cards would require the following line: