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Power your Mirakl Marketplace with onboarding and payouts.

Contact our Support Team before integrating with the Mirakl connector.

Adyen's Mirakl connector integrates your Mirakl Marketplace with Adyen for Platforms. This enables you to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and pay out to sellers.

With one integration, you have access to the following features:

  • Automated onboarding – Full stack of automated KYC checks.
  • Balance control – Transfer of the Mirakl subscription fee from the seller.
  • Flexible payout – Domestic payouts to all sellers on the marketplace.
  • Compliance – Adyen for Platforms is fully compliant in heavily regulated markets.


To use Adyen's Mirakl connector, you additionally need to have: 

  • hosting service for deploying the connector.
  • An ecommerce system for processing payments on behalf of your sellers, and splitting these funds between multiple accounts. By splitting payments, you can send the funds belonging to your sellers to their accounts, and your commission fee to your Mirakl Marketplace operator account.

Connector structure

The connector requires a Java 8 Runtime Environment, and can be installed in any operating system supporting Java 8. You also need:  

  • A Java Persistence API (JPA) compatible database for storing scheduled jobs, for example failed payouts or emails that need to be retried. 
  • An SMTP connection to an email server for sending notification emails to your operator and sellers.

To understand how the connector manages onboarding and payouts, refer to Connector Overview.

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