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Payment processing in NetSuite


Authorisations are executed within NetSuite through a Sales Order transaction. These transactions signal the intent of a customer purchase, prior to shipment of the products, thus providing the time necessary to execute an authorisation independent of a capture of funds.

To create a new sales order:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Transactions > Sales > Enter Orders.
  3. Open the Billing tab, which NetSuite automatically populates with the available payment methods from information contained in the shoppers master file record. The payment processing profile is selected automatically if available and active.
  4. Select Get Authorisation  manually during order entry or subsequent order maintenance to allow authorisation of the payment.
  5. Select the Credit Card Approved checkbox to signal to NetSuite that the authorisation has been received outside the automated communications, and that the order is cleared for product shipment as sufficient funds have been authorised manually.
  6. Enter the Adyen's PSP reference received in the request in the P/N Ref. field. You may also provide the Auth. Code value.

After successful authorisation of the payment, the NetSuite order is saved along with the details of the authorization, within the body of the order.

To cancel an authorization, can send a Void Authorization before the funds are captured.


There are two types of sales/invoice transactions in NetSuite relevant to this configuration:

  • One type is the result of a shipment from a previously entered transaction, and Adyen authorised sales order to a shopper. This sales order may have been authorised using the payment processing module and an authorisation number for the potential sale would be on file in the details of the sales order. The capture is done through the order shipment confirmation using the same reference.
  • Alternately, the order can also be manually authorized if the Credit Card Approved checkbox is selected during the entry of the order details. In this case, the reference information (P/N Ref) from Adyen must be entered manually into NetSuite before the shipment confirmation to proceed with the capture.

When a capture request is performed, NetSuite requests a secondary confirmation. Following the confirmation of the capture, the Cash Sale transaction details are made available to the user.

Adyen creates a new reference for every stage of the payment request. However, there is only one transaction line referencing the original Authorization P/N Ref. number on the Adyen account. Subsequent reference numbers are available in NetSuite.

Cash sales

You can enter a single cash sale directly, without a preceding sales order. If the credit card is not manually pre-approved, the cash sale initiates an authorise and capture request for the shopper's card.

To enter a cash sale:

  1. Go to Transactions > Sales > Enter Cash Sales.
  2. Enter the sales details.
  3. Select Save.

For partial captures you may need to enter the PSP reference if not shown automatically. Also, this may be required when importing previously authorized sales orders from a web page not supported by NetSuite.


Refunds are triggered by the following NetSuite transactions:

  • Customer Refund
  • Cash Refund from a Cash Sale

In both cases, you must provide a P/N Reference. This ensures the payment is refunded against the original Auth/Sale transaction. Unreferenced refunds are not supported. Adyen does not allow credits for the NetSuite SuitePayment bundle.

To refund a payment:

  1. Initiate a refund request through NetSuite to Adyen.
  2. Ensure that the request data matches the payment data and includes a P/N Reference.
  3. Select Save.

You can view the transactions in the Customer Area.

Plug-in Execution Logs

You can view a daily log of the processed transactions in the NetSuite Customer Center. You must include these logs when reaching out to our support team.

To view the new execution logs:

  1. Log in to your NetSuite Customer Center.
  2. Go to Customization > Plug-ins > Plug-in Implementations > View > Execution Log.

You can clear the log with the Remove all button to display only newly generated logs.

Payment results in Adyen and NetSuite

The results in NetSuite differ from those displayed in Adyen. Consult the mapping overview below:

Adyen Result NetSuite Result
3d-secure: Authentication failed GENERAL_REJECT
Declined Non GenericGENERAL_REJECT
Invalid Card NumberCARD_INVALID
Issuer UnavailableGATEWAYERROR
Not enough balanceAUTHORIZATION
Pin tries exceededCARD_INVALID
Pin validation not possibleGENERAL_REJECT
Restricted CardCARD_INVALID
Revocation Of AuthGENERAL_REJECT
Withdrawal count exceededGENERAL_REJECT
Withdrawal amount exceededGENERAL_REJECT
Transaction Not PermittedGENERAL_REJECT

If a value is not in the list, it is set to GENERAL_REJECT or FATAL_ERROR.