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Seller payouts

Learn how the connector handles seller payouts and commissions.

The connector handles payouts from your seller's shop, and transfers commissions to your liable balance account during the payout cycle with on-demand internal fund transfers. Therefore, you do not need to use type:Commission in your split payment request to send the split amount for commissions to your liable account.

How it works

An invoice needs to be generated to initiate a seller payout. For each payment process in Mirakl, an invoice is created for each seller included in the payment cycle.

The payout amount is taken directly from the seller invoice after each billing cycle. By default, billing cycles in Mirakl are set to 10 days.

The invoice shows:

  • Commission to be paid by the seller
  • Subscription fees to be paid by the seller
  • Net remaining amount to be paid out to the seller

The connector takes the net remaining amount to be paid to the seller and attempts a payout:

  • If the payout is successful, the connector initiates a /transfers request to send the commission and subscription fees to your liable balance account.
  • If the payout fails, the operators that you have defined receive an email. The payout is then retried every day at 03:00 CET. A payout can be retried 10 times before the seller account gets deactivated. If a seller's account gets deactivated, the operator receives another email.

The connector does not manage the payout of your commission to your bank account. To schedule these payouts or pay out on demand, see Pay out to your users.

Paying out sellers or moving funds without using the connector decreases the seller's account balance. This can lead to missed payouts due to insufficient funds. You must then manually reconcile and fix the missed payout.

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