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Learn how to reconcile balances when using our connector.


Mirakl generates invoices for each seller when a billing cycle ends. By default, a billing cycle in Mirakl lasts ten days, meaning that you typically receive three invoices per month. The invoice shows the net remaining amount to be paid out to the seller, and the commission to be transferred to your liable balance account.

When an invoice is generated in Mirakl, the connector retrieves the details for the invoice with a synchronization job, using the Mirakl IV01 API. The details include:

  • The amount to be paid out to the seller
  • The commissions to be deducted from the seller

In Mirakl, you can find the generated invoices are in your back office by going to Accounting > Billing and documents > Accounting documents.

If you have the Payment Confirmation feature enabled, the status of this invoice is set to Pending when the invoice is generated. The commission is then transferred from the seller's account to your account. After the payout is completed, the status of the invoice is set to Paid using the Mirakl IV07 API.


The Balance Platform Accounting Report is a daily report that tracks all balance changes on all balance accounts in your platform, including liable accounts and the accounts of your users.

You can generate this report in your Balance Platform Customer Area either automatically based on a schedule, or manually for a specific day.

You can use the Mirakl invoices together with the Adyen Balance Platform Accounting Report (BPAR) for reconciliation.

Check payout amounts and commissions using APIs

You can check the amounts that were paid out using Mirakl or Adyen APIs.

The connector uses the Mirakl IV07 API to handle payouts. You can check the following fields to see the commission amount sent to your liable account and the payout amount to the seller:

  • invoice.summary.amount_transferred_to_operator: the commission amount sent to your liable balance account.
  • invoice.summary.amount_transferred: the payout amount sent to the seller.

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