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Test and go live

Test your Mirakl Marketplace connector integration before you go live.

To make sure there are no issues with your integration before going live, we recommend to first test your Adyen integration with Mirakl in your test environment. Once you have done this, use your live environment to test with a small number of pilot sellers.

Test your integration

In the test environment, make sure that you can complete the following flows without issues.


  • Onboard sellers in Mirakl and wait for the synchronization to Adyen. Check if the synchronization is completed successfully.
  • Perform KYC checks using the Adyen Hosted Onboarding Page (HOP). Additionally, create a seller that does not pass the KYC checks, and handle the negative scenario.



  • Make /payments/{paymentPspReference}/captures requests for:
    • A full capture
    • A partial capture: specify a unique reference for each partial capture. You can use this reference to reconcile the capture and the associated payment in the transaction overview and reports. If you do not specify a reference, the amounts will be merged, and you cannot reconcile the partial capture amounts.
  • During the following billing cycle, verify that the payouts to each seller match the amounts in the invoices.


  • To verify that the seller's balance and payouts for the next billing cycle adjust correctly after a refund, perform:
    • A partial refund
    • A full refund
    • A chargeback

You can only refund from a balance account that was part of the original split payment or capture, using the same unique reference you specified for the original split.


  • At the end of a billing cycle, check if an invoice has been generated for your seller in Mirakl.
  • Verify that the invoice appears in your Balance Platform Customer Area.
  • After the seller has been paid out, verify that Mirakl has marked that invoice as Paid.

Operational checks

Go live

After you are satisfied with the testing results in your test environment, your Adyen contact can configure the connector in your live environment.

Before reaching out to your Adyen contact, make sure that:

By default, the connector has the following features enabled. Inform your Adyen contact whether you want to disable either of the features.

  • The connector manages seller payment blocking on your behalf. You may want to disable this, for example if you maintain a list of blocked sellers yourself.
  • The connector unsuspends new shops on your behalf when they pass the KYC verification. You may want to disable this, for example if you want to unsuspend new sellers manually to prevent them from operating on your marketplace without your manual approval.

Test in live environment

You cannot test real payouts in your test environment. Instead, we recommend testing with a small number of pilot sellers in your live environment, to ensure that payouts reach their bank accounts.

When testing in the live environment, follow the same steps you did when you were testing in the test environment: