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Troubleshoot your Mirakl Marketplace connector setup.

If you are experiencing a problem with your Mirakl Marketplace connector integration, there are several ways to troubleshoot the issue. Follow the troubleshooting steps below and contact us if your issue persists.

Step 1: Check your connector setup

Make sure that you set up the connector correctly.

Step 2: Check our release notes

Coming soon.

Check if your current error is a known issue in the bundle, and resolved in a later version. You can find the known issues and fixes in our release notes.

Step 3: Contact us

Contact our Support Team, and mention Mirakl in the body of the request. Provide the following information:

  • Whether the issue occurs in the test or live environment.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue you are trying to resolve. If you already tried to fix the issue, include those steps as well.
  • Screenshots and details of any error messages you receive or unexpected behaviour you experience.
  • Logs: the connector keeps logs for up to two weeks.

Our support team can help you with the following:

  • Account setup:
    • Operator emails
    • Changing the schedule for payouts, account full sync, and account partial sync.
  • Payouts:
    • Restarting failed payouts that have reached the retry limit.