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NetSuite reconciliation bundle troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your NetSuite reconciliation bundle integration.

If you are experiencing a problem with your NetSuite reconciliation bundle integration, there are several ways how you can troubleshoot the issue yourself. Follow the troubleshooting steps below and contact us if your issue persists.

Step 1: Check your bundle setup

Make sure that you set up the bundle correctly.

Step 2: Check common error statuses

Check if your Settlement Detail Report (SDR) displays one of the following common error statuses and follow the steps to resolve it.

Exceptions Need Resolving

If a transaction in the SDR can't be matched to a transaction in NetSuite, the SDR Status is set to Exceptions Need Resolving. You have to resolve the unmatched transactions before you create deposits:

  1. In the SDR, locate the transactions where the Match Status value is Match Not Found. These are the transactions that failed to match.
  2. Check the execution logs of the Adyen - Find SDR Detail Matches script to find out why the transaction failed to match:
    1. In your NetSuite Customer Center, go to Customization > Scripting > Script Execution Logs.
    2. Under Script, select Adyen - Find SDR Detail Matches.
    3. Locate the log entry that matches the SDR Detail line.
    4. Check the search query used for that log entry to find the search filters.
      The search filters show what the script looked for and why it did not find the matching transaction. If the bundle is not searching for the correct payment event types or statuses, you need to edit the search filters the bundle is using.
  3. Go to the Settlement Type Map you created.
  4. Copy the saved search for the transaction status that failed to match in the search bar.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Under Filter, select Type and add the missing transaction status to Current Selections.
  7. Select Done and Set.
  8. Set a Search Title for the new saved search filter.
  9. Select Save as.
  10. Update your Settlement Type Map with the new saved search filter.
  11. Go back to your SDR, and select Rematch Transactions.

Error Creating Deposit

The following are common reasons why an error occurs when creating deposits:

  • A matched transaction was already deposited. This error returns the Transaction not in balance message.
  • A matched transaction is not in the Undeposited Funds account.
    To resolve this issue:
    1. In your NetSuite Customer Center, use the transaction ID to navigate to the transaction that the error occurs for.
    2. Go to Accounting > Account Information, and select Undeposited Funds.
  • A matched transaction appears twice in the Bank Deposit record. For example, when a cash sale was completed using multiple payment methods. This error will return the Transaction not in balance message.
    To resolve this issue:
    1. In your NetSuite Customer Center, go to Transactions > Bank > Make Deposits.
    2. Initialize a Bank Deposit transaction.
    3. Verify that each matched transaction appears only once in the Bank Deposit record.

You can run scripts manually in the NetSuite Reconciliation bundle for troubleshooting if your Adyen SDRs are already created.
To do this, go to Transactions > Bank > Adyen - Bank Deposit Rec - Control Panel.

Step 2: Check for customizations

If you applied any customizations to the plugin, the error might be related to the customization. Before raising an issue, make sure that your error is not a customization issue, and check if it persists on a cleanly installed plugin. If you cannot reproduce the issue with a clean version, it is most likely an issue introduced by the customization.

Step 3: Check our release notes

Check if your current error is a known issue in the bundle, and resolved in a later version. You can find the known issues and fixes in our release notes.

Step 4: Contact us

If you can't resolve the issue after you've followed the above steps, contact our Support Team, and provide the following information:

  • Your merchant account.
  • Whether the issue occurs in the test or live environment (Sandbox and Production in NetSuite).
  • Steps to reproduce the issue you are trying to resolve. If you already tried to fix the issue, include those steps as well.
  • Screenshots and details of the error messages or unexpected behaviour you are getting.
  • Logs: initial request, response, and any other plugin-related logs.
  • Your payment processing settings in NetSuite.
  • If applicable, a successful or failed test example.
  • If you previously contacted NetSuite for assistance, the information you received from NetSuite about your issue.

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