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Salesforce Commerce Cloud troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.

If you are experiencing a problem with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration, there are several ways how you can troubleshoot the issue yourself. Before you contact our Support Team:

Step 1: Clear the cache

The Adyen Payment cartridge does not make use of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud cache system.

When troubleshooting, we still recommend that you clear the caches in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, for example in case a third-party cartridge is using the cache system.

To clear the caches:

  1. In the Salesforce Business Manager, go to Administration > Sites > Manage Sites.
  2. Select the name of your site.
    This opens a new window with the settings for this site.
  3. Go to the Cache tab.
  4. In the Cache Invalidation section, select Invalidate next to all the listed caches.

Step 2: Disable third-party cartridges

The Adyen Payment cartridge is often used in combination with other cartridges that can impact your checkout flow or the backend processes.

When using third-party cartridges, make sure that Adyen's cartridges are the first in the Cartridges box.

When troubleshooting our cartridge, make sure to temporarily disable any third-party cartridge.

Step 3: Check for customizations

If you applied any customizations to the cartridge, the error might be related to the customization. You can check whether the issue is related to your custom code based on the way you implemented the customizations:

  • If you implemented the customizations in a separate cartridge as recommended in our customization guide, you can temporarily remove this cartridge from your cartridge path to see if the error persists.

  • If you have added custom code in one of the Adyen cartridges, check if it persists on a cleanly installed cartridge. If you cannot reproduce the issue with a clean version, it is most likely a customization issue.

Step 4: Check Salesforce Commerce Cloud logs

Errors are logged by Salesforce Commerce Cloud in your Salesforce Business Manager. To find the logs:

  1. Go to Administration > Site Development > Development Setup.
  2. In the WebDAV Access section, select the folder icon next to Log Files.
    This opens a page with all the logs.

If no errors are shown in the above logs, you can also check your console logs by inspecting the browser.

Step 5: Check common errors

Learn how to troubleshoot the following common errors:

Payment methods not showing up

If a payment method is not showing up in your checkout, check the following:

  • Does this payment method require any additional set up?
  • Does the /paymentMethods API request include the correct country and currency combination for the payment method? Use the service-adyen log files to look this up.
  • Is the payment method included in the /paymentMethods API response? Use the service-adyen log files to look this up.

Configuration errors

Configuration errors include issues with the services, for example:

  • Origin key not retrieved
  • Payments call not functioning

If you experience such issues, it is likely that the metadata was not loaded correctly.

We recommend that you:

  1. Import the metadata again.
  2. If using cartridge v20.1.2 or earlier, make sure that you set up live endpoints in your live Customer Area.

Errors when placing orders

No user found for OriginKey on validation

This error indicates that there is an issue with the cartridge configuration.

  1. Make sure that you have provided a correct merchant account name in your Salesforce Business Manager.
  2. Reset your API key: generate a new API key in your Customer Area, and copy it over to your Salesforce Business Manager. Check that the API key has access to the merchant account used for your integration.

Expected intent from order api call to be authorize, got capture

This error is specific to PayPal, and indicates that the capture setting in your code does not match the capture setting on Adyen's side.

To resolve the issue, change the capture setting in your code to SALE.

General error occurred

This error appears if you are using SiteGenesis, and applied a security patch that was only meant for SFRA.

To resolve the issue, roll back the changes.

Step 6: Check our release notes

Check if your current error is a known issue in the cartridge, and resolved in a later version. You can find the known issues and fixes either in our technical release notes on GitHub, or in our commercial release notes.

To find out which version of the cartridge you are using:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Transactions > Payments, and select the PSP reference of any payment.
    This opens the Payment Details page.
  3. Go to the Application Info section.
    The cartridge version is shown under Payment Device Version.

Step 7: Check open issues in GitHub

Go to the open issues in our GitHub, and see if there is an open issue related to your error. If that is the case, you can leave a comment there to have direct contact with our dev teams.

Step 8: Contact us

If the problem still persists after you've followed the above steps, you can either:

  • Create a GitHub issue if you found a bug.
  • Contact our Support Team, providing your cartridge version and other relevant information, for example screenshots or logs.

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