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Install the Authentication SDK for mobile devices

Learn how to install Adyen's Authentication SDK for implementing out-of-band authentication.

To help you implement OOB authentication, we provide a client-side Authentication SDK that uses the possession factor through device binding, and either knowledge or the inherence factor, depending on the cardholder's device access configuration.

With Adyen's Authentication SDK, you can:

  • Check if the cardholder's device is eligible for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Register your cardholder's mobile device to create device binding.
  • Authenticate your cardholder's online card transactions with 3D Secure.

The Authentication SDK integration also enables you to implement SCA for Adyen's Business Accounts.

System requirements

We provide the client-side Authentication SDK in the following languages:

  • Kotlin or Java for Android applications
  • Swift for iOS applications

Before you start implementing the SDK, make sure that your system follows the requirements.

  • Your application targets minimum Android API level 21 or later.
  • The authentication feature works on devices running on Android API level 26 and later.
  • The authentication feature requires Google Play Services on the cardholder's device.

To ensure the correct support type for 3D Secure on the card program, contact our Support Team.


The following tabs explain how to install the Authentication SDK using Kotlin or Swift.

To install the Authentication SDK, add the following line to your build.gradle file.

implementation "com.adyen.authentication:android-authentication:0.2.1"

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