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Web service roles

Learn what roles your API credential needs to perform an action

A credential for the Configuration API and Transfers API has web service (ws) roles assigned to it. These roles specify what API requests a user can perform with this credential.

Your ws API credential, for example ws_[123456]@BalancePlatform.[YourBalancePlatform], has a set of default roles that is defined by the integration team. These default roles are assigned to your credential when the company account is created.

If you need additional ws roles for your credentials, add these roles in your Balance Platform Customer Area.

An API credential must have at least one enabled role.

Frequently used roles

The following tabs show frequently used web service roles for each type of API.

The following table shows roles that are frequently used to connect to the Configuration API. This API enables you to create, update, or delete information in your platform.

Web service role Description
Balance Platform BCL role Enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your balance platform. For example: account holders, payment instruments, or transaction rules.
This role also includes all the permissions granted by the Bank Manage TransactionRules role.
Balance Platform BCL PCI role Enables you to unmask and view PANs and CVVs/CVCs in the response of a POST /paymentInstruments request.
To use this role, you must also have the Balance Platform BCL role enabled.
Bank Manage TransactionRules role Enables you to manage the risk engine rules for your platform.
All the permissions granted by this role are included in the Balance Platform BCL role.