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Payment authorisation

Approve or decline payments by using transaction rules or relayed authorisation.

When a cardholder attempts to make a payment with an Adyen-issued card, you can control the approval through:

  • Transaction rules: Automatically approve or deny payment attempts based on transaction rules. You can create rules based on conditions such as maximum amount, maximum number of transactions, or the types of payments allowed for a payment instrument. The rules are automatically applied to each payment attempt. Rules can be combined to facilitate different use cases.
  • Relayed authorisation: Approve or deny each payment attempt. Adyen sends you a webhook for each attempt, and you have up to 1500 milliseconds to respond. If we don't receive a response within this timeframe, we will apply your default fallback.

You can choose to use both. In this case, the transaction rules are applied first because they serve as a filter for payment attempts before sending you the relayed authorisation webhook. A payment rejected by transaction rules will not be sent to your system.

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