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Remediating action codes

Remediating actions provide instructions to resolve an error. There can be multiple remediating actions to resolve an error. Whenever possible, Adyen sends remediation codes and messages within the following:

  • verificationErrors array. The remediating actions are only sent in this array when there are common actions for the subErrors.
  • subErrors array.

The range of remediation codes are divided into the types of issues.

General remediation codes

Remediating action code Message
1_100 No remediation possible
1_101 Contact Support
1_102 Upload a different document

Individual checks

Remediating action code Message
1_300 Update individual details
1_301 Upload an ID document
1_302 Upload a different ID document
1_303 Upload a different image of the ID document
1_304 Upload proof of residency
1_305 Upload a different proof of residency
1_306 Upload a different image of the proof of residency
1_307 Upload a proof of national ID number
1_308 Upload a different proof of national ID number
1_309 Upload a different image of the proof of national ID number
1_313 Upload a different image of the proof of the individual tax ID
1_314 Upload a proof of the individual tax ID
1_315 Upload a different proof of the individual tax ID
1_316 Update the national Id number to a 9 digit SSN
1_317 Upload a different live selfie
1_318 Upload a different photo ID document

Organization checks

Remediating action code Message
1_500 Update organization details
1_501 Upload a registration document
1_502 Upload a different registration document
1_503 Upload a proofOfOrganizationTaxInfo
1_504 Upload a different proofOfOrganizationTaxInfo
1_505 Upload a proof of address
1_506 Upload a different proof of address
1_507 Update organization ownership details
1_508 Upload a proof of ownership
1_510 Ensure signing person has the rights to represent the organization or is a listed professional member (lawyer, accountant) in your country of business and upload the right document
1_511 Upload a document that proves the payout entity is 100% affiliated with the legal entity
1_512 Upload a VAT document
1_513 Upload a different VAT document

Bank account checks

Remediating action code Message
1_700 Update bank account details
1_701 Use different bank account
1_703 Upload a bank statement
1_704 Upload a different bank statement
1_705 Upload an official bank statement

Proof of signatory checks

Remediating action code Message
1_800 Upload a proof of signatory
1_801 Upload a different proof of signatory
1_802 Update signatory details

Missing data

The following remediation codes may be returned when the error type is dataMissing.

Remediating action code Message
2_101 Add individual.identificationData to legal entity
2_102 Add to legal entity
2_103 Add to legal entity
2_104 Add to legal entity
2_105 Add individual.residentialAddress.stateOrProvince to legal entity
2_106 Add individual.residentialAddress.street to legal entity
2_107 Add to legal entity
2_108 Add individual.residentialAddress.postalcode to legal entity
2_109 Add individual.residentialAddress.street2 to legal entity
2_110 Add individual.nationality to legal entity
2_112 Add individual.birthData.dateOfBirth to legal entity
2_113 Add bankAccount.iban to bank account
2_114 Add bankAccount.accountNumber to bank account
2_115 Add bank account
2_116 Add bankAccount.branchCode to bank account
2_117 Add organization.registrationNumber to legal entity
2_118 Add organization.taxId to legal entity
2_119 Add attachments to document
2_120 Add to legal entity
2_121 Add individual.birthData to legal entity
2_122 Add individual.residentialAddress to legal entity
2_123 Add organization.entityAssociations of type uboThroughOwnership to legal entity
2_124 Add organization.entityAssociations of type signatory to legal entity
2_125 Add organization.type to legal entity
2_126 Upload a document
2_127 Upload a drivers license
2_128 Upload the front of a drivers license
2_129 Upload the back of a drivers license
2_130 Upload the front of an ID card
2_131 Upload the back of an ID card
2_132 Add organization.legalName to legal entity
2_133 Add organization.doingBusinessAs to legal entity
2_134 Upload a VAT document
2_135 Add bankAccount.sortCode to bank account
2_136 Add business line
2_137 Upload a proof of registration
2_138 Add individual.identificationData.number to legal entity
2_139 Add individual.identificationData.type to legal entity
2_140 Add bankAccount.accountType to bank account
2_141 Add bankAccount.bankBicSwift to bank account
2_142 Add bankAccount.bankCity to bank account
2_143 Add bankAccount.bankCode to bank account
2_144 Add bankAccount.bankName to bank account
2_145 Add bankAccount.checkCode to bank account
2_146 Add bankAccount.bankCountry to bank account
2_147 Add bankAccount.currencyCode to bank account
2_148 Add organization.stockData.marketIdentifier to legal entity
2_149 Add organization.stockData.stockNumber to legal entity
2_150 Add organization.stockData.tickerSymbol to legal entity
2_151 Add organization.entityAssociations of type uboThroughControl to legal entity
2_152 Add to legal entity
2_153 Add phone.number to legal entity
2_154 Add phone.type to legal entity
2_155 Add phone.countryCode to legal entity
2_156 Add entityAssociation.jobTitle to legal entity
2_157 Upload a passport
2_158 Add organization.vatNumber to legal entity
2_159 Add source of funds to business line
2_160 Add businessLine.sourceOfFunds.type to business line
2_164 Add businessLine.sourceOfFunds.adyenProcessedFunds to business line
2_166 Add businessLine.sourceOfFunds.description to business line
2_170 Add tax information to legal entity
2_171 Add taxInformation.number to legal entity
2_172 Add taxInformation.type to legal entity
2_173 Add to legal entity
2_174 Add proofOfIndividualTaxId to legal entity
2_175 Add vatDocument to legal entity
2_176 Add industryCode to business line
2_177 Add channel to business line
2_178 Add webAddress to business line
2_179 Add taxReportingClassification to legal entity
2_180 Add taxReportingClassification.type to legal entity
2_181 Add taxReportingClassification.businessType to legal entity
2_182 Add taxReportingClassification.mainSourceOfIncome to legal entity
2_183 Add taxReportingClassification.financialInstitutionNumber to legal entity
2_184 Add constitutional document for verification to legal entity
2_185 Add organization.entityAssociations of type director to legal entity
2_186 Add trust.entityAssociations of type settlor to legal entity
2_187 Add trust.entityAssociations of type definedBeneficiary to legal entity
2_188 Add proofOfOwnership document document for verification to legal entity
2_189 Add soleProprietorship.registrationNumber to legal entity
2_190 Add partnership.entityAssociations of type secondaryPartner to legal entity
2_191 Add organization.dateOfIncorporation to legal entity
2_192 Add soleProprietorship.dateOfIncorporation to legal entity
2_193 Add trust.entityAssociations of type undefinedBeneficiary to legal entity
2_194 Add organization.registeredAddress.postalCode to legal entity
2_195 Add to legal entity
2_196 Add to legal entity
2_197 Add organization.principalPlaceOfBusiness.stateOrProvince to legal entity
2_198 Add organization.registeredAddress.stateOrProvince to legal entity
2_213 Add taxInformation from the to legal entity
2_214 Upload a proof of funding or wealth source
2_215 Upload a live selfie
2_216 Update Legal Entity Type
2_217 Add tax information to legal entity
2_218 Add taxInformation.number to legal entity
2_219 Add taxInformation.type to legal entity
2_220 Add to legal entity
2_221 Add individual.entityAssociations of type legalRepresentative to legal entity
2_222 Upload a proof of relationship to individual

Missing contracts

Remediating action code Message
2_901 Sign PCI
2_902 Accept TOS
2_904 Contact support

Data review

Remediating action code Message
3_100 Use the /legalEntities/{id}/confirmDataReview to indicate that the data is confirmed

Remediating actions array example