Get a list of available payment methods


Queries the available payment methods for a transaction based on the transaction context (like amount, country, and currency). Besides giving back a list of the available payment methods, the response also returns which input details you need to collect from the shopper (to be submitted to /payments).

Although we highly recommend using this endpoint to ensure you are always offering the most up-to-date list of payment methods, its usage is optional. You can, for example, also cache the /paymentMethods response and update it once a week.

Endpoint destination URL
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Header Parameters


A unique identifier for the message with a maximum of 64 characters (we recommend a UUID).

Request Parameters


This field contains additional data, which may be required for a particular payment request.

The additionalData object consists of entries, each of which includes the key and value.


List of payment methods to be presented to the shopper. To refer to payment methods, use their payment method type.

Example: "allowedPaymentMethods":["ideal","giropay"]


The amount information for the transaction (in minor units). For BIN or card verification requests, set amount to 0 (zero).


List of payment methods to be hidden from the shopper. To refer to payment methods, use their payment method type.

Example: "blockedPaymentMethods":["ideal","giropay"]


The platform where a payment transaction takes place. This field can be used for filtering out payment methods that are only available on specific platforms. Possible values:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

The shopper's country code.


The merchant account identifier, with which you want to process the transaction.


The order information required for partial payments.


The combination of a language code and a country code to specify the language to be used in the payment.


Required for recurring payments. Your reference to uniquely identify this shopper, for example user ID or account ID. Minimum length: 3 characters.

Your reference must not include personally identifiable information (PII), for example name or email address.


Boolean value indicating whether the card payment method should be split into separate debit and credit options.

Min length: 1Max length: 16

Required for Adyen for Platforms integrations if you are a platform model. This is your reference (on balance platform) or the storeReference (in the classic integration) for the ecommerce or point-of-sale store that is processing the payment.


Specifies how payment methods should be filtered based on the 'store' parameter:

  • 'exclusive': Only payment methods belonging to the specified 'store' are returned.
  • 'inclusive': Payment methods from the 'store' and those not associated with any other store are returned.
  • 'skipFilter': All payment methods are returned, regardless of store association.

Response parameters

After submitting a call, you receive a response message to inform you that your request was received and processed.

Depending on the HTTP status code of the response message, it is helpful to build some logic to handle any errors that a request or the system may return.

HTTP Responses

  • 200 - OK

    The request has succeeded.

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  • 400 - Bad Request

    A problem reading or understanding the request.

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  • 401 - Unauthorized

    Authentication required.

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  • 403 - Forbidden

    Insufficient permissions to process the request.

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  • 422 - Unprocessable Entity

    A request validation error.

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  • 500 - Internal Server Error

    The server could not process the request.

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