Send a direct debit request

post /debitAccountHolder

Sends a direct debit request to an account holder's bank account. If the direct debit is successful, the funds are settled in the accounts specified in the split instructions. Adyen sends the result of the direct debit in a DIRECT_DEBIT_INITIATED notification webhook.

To learn more about direct debits, see Top up accounts.

Endpoint destination URL
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Request parameters

accountHolderCode string Required

The code of the account holder.

amount object Required

The amount to be debited from the account holder's bank account.

bankAccountUUID string Required

The Adyen-generated unique alphanumeric identifier (UUID) of the account holder's bank account.

description string
Max length: 35

A description of the direct debit. Maximum length: 35 characters.

Allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and special characters /?:().,'+ ";.

merchantAccount string Required

Your merchant account.

splits array [object] Required

Contains instructions on how to split the funds between the accounts in your platform. The request must have at least one split item.

Response parameters

After submitting a call, you receive a response message to inform you that your request was received and processed.

Depending on the HTTP status code of the response message, it is helpful to build some logic to handle any errors that a request or the system may return.

HTTP Responses

  • 200 - OK

    The request has succeeded.

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  • 202 - Accepted

    The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed.

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  • 400 - Bad Request

    A problem reading or understanding the request.

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  • 401 - Unauthorized

    Authentication required.

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  • 403 - Forbidden

    Insufficient permissions to process the request.

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  • 422 - Unprocessable Entity

    A request validation error.

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  • 500 - Internal Server Error

    The server could not process the request.

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