Disputes API

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You can use the Disputes API to automate the dispute handling process so that you can respond to disputes and chargebacks as soon as they are initiated. The Disputes API lets you retrieve defense reasons, supply and delete defense documents, and accept or defend disputes.


Each request to the Disputes API must be signed with an API key. For this, obtain an API Key from your Customer Area, as described in How to get the API key. Then set this key to the X-API-Key header value, for example:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "X-API-Key: Your_API_key" \

Note that when going live, you need to generate new web service user credentials to access the live endpoints.


Disputes API supports versioning using a version suffix in the endpoint URL. This suffix has the following format: "vXX", where XX is the version number.

For example:

Accept a dispute
Defend a dispute
Delete a defense document
Get applicable defense reasons
Supply a defense document