Start a balance transfer

post /balanceTransfer

Starts a balance transfer request between merchant accounts. The following conditions must be met before you can successfully transfer balances:

  • The source and destination merchant accounts must be under the same company account and legal entity.

  • The source merchant account must have sufficient funds.

  • The source and destination merchant accounts must have at least one common processing currency.

When sending multiple API requests with the same source and destination merchant accounts, send the requests sequentially and not in parallel. Some requests may not be processed if the requests are sent in parallel.

Endpoint destination URL
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Request parameters

amount object Required

The amount of the transfer in minor units.

description string
Max length: 140

A human-readable description for the transfer. You can use alphanumeric characters and hyphens. We recommend sending a maximum of 140 characters, otherwise the description may be truncated.

fromMerchant string Required

The unique identifier of the source merchant account from which funds are deducted.

reference string
Max length: 80

A reference for the balance transfer. If you don't provide this in the request, Adyen generates a unique reference. Maximum length: 80 characters.

toMerchant string Required

The unique identifier of the destination merchant account from which funds are transferred.

type string Required

The type of balance transfer. Possible values: tax, fee, terminalSale, credit, debit, and adjustment.

Response parameters

After submitting a call, you receive a response message to inform you that your request was received and processed.

Depending on the HTTP status code of the response message, it is helpful to build some logic to handle any errors that a request or the system may return.

HTTP Responses

  • 200 - OK

    The request has succeeded.

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