POS Terminal Management API

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This API provides endpoints for managing your point-of-sale (POS) payment terminals. You can use the API to obtain information about a specific terminal, retrieve overviews of your terminals and stores, and assign terminals to a merchant account or store.

For more information, refer to Classic assign terminals.


Each request to the Terminal Management API must be signed with an API key. For this, obtain an API Key from your Customer Area, as described in How to get the API key. Then set this key to the X-API-Key header value, for example:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "X-API-Key: Your_API_key" \

Note that when going live, you need to generate new web service user credentials to access the live endpoints.

Roles and permissions

To use the POS Terminal Management API, you need the POS Terminal Management API role added to your API credential. Your Adyen contact will set up the roles for you.


Terminal Management API supports versioning using a version suffix in the endpoint URL. This suffix has the following format: "vXX", where XX is the version number.

For example:


When using versioned endpoints, Boolean response values are returned in string format: "true" or "false". If you omit the version from the endpoint URL, Boolean response values are returned like this: true or false.

Going live

To access the live endpoints, you need an API key from your live Customer Area. Use this API key to make requests to:

Assign terminals
Get the account or store of a terminal
Get the stores of an account
Get the details of a terminal
Get the list of terminals