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Reports and fee types

Learn about relevant report data and how you can use it to reconcile your platform accounts.

This page is for classic Adyen for Platforms integrations. If you are just starting your implementation, refer to our new integration guide instead.

To ensure accurate accounting of funds within your platform, use Adyen-generated reports for your bookkeeping and reconciliation processes.

Types of reports

Adyen generates reports for your Adyen account and for your platform. You can use these reports to do common reconciliation processes. There are several reports that you can use, and depending on what you want to reconcile and track, you can use one or a combination of multiple reports.

The diagram below introduces some of the reports that are most relevant for tracking how platform funds flow: from when a payment is processed up to when funds are paid out to the account holder.

Adyen account reports

Reports for your Adyen account contain payments processing details and invoices.

Report Use this report to
Received payment details report Get detailed insights about individual payment interactions.

This report includes some shopper insights, payment information (such as payment method, issuing country, channel), interaction (such as if 3D Secure authentication was triggered), as well as statuses and reason codes.
Payment accounting report

Required for full financial reconciliation.
Get details of payment lifecycle events, including the fees associated with each event. Understand the breakdown of payment processing costs and get retrospective cost insight.

With the cost breakdown, you can allocate payment costs at account holder level which you may want to include in your full monthly reconciliation. This report does not contain platform transaction charges, such as those applied for payouts, funds transfers, and KYC checks.
Settlement details report

Required for full financial reconciliation.
Get a full list of the transactions included in a single payable batch that settled funds from payments to account holders' accounts.

This report includes all payment-related costs that can be assessed up to the point when the funds were settled. This report will also include other balance adjustments that might occur periodically, for example, final invoiced amounts on a monthly cadence.
Monthly invoice

Required for full financial reconciliation.
Get a summary of all assessed fees and adjustments applied during the prior month. Use the Monthly invoice as part of a complete monthly reconciliation of platform operating costs, and to get insights to overall platform margin.

Adjustments are subsequently passed through settlement flow to your platform, and are traceable in the Settlement details report for your Adyen account and the Marketplace Payments accounting report for your platform.

Platform reports

Reports for your platform tie events to specific account holders. Reports related to funds also provide details about events that affect account balances for each account holder.

Report Use this report to
Marketplace Payments accounting report

Required for full financial reconciliation.
Track all pending and credited/debited balance changes on a daily or hourly basis. build a full transactional ledger that you can show to your account holders.

This report includes your platform's liable accounts and the accounts of account holders.
Marketpay Balance Report Get the balances of all the accounts in your platform, including your liable account on a daily basis.
Marketpay Payout Report Get all the transactions that were part of a payout on a given day, including payouts from your liable account.

Use this report only for accounts set up with scheduled payouts.

Types of fees

Your platform incurs fees, such as processing fees for each received transaction and fees for premium features. The fees vary depending on the transaction.

Adyen deducts fees from settlement and debits them from your platform's liable account. To fully reconcile these fees over the course of a month, you need to get totals and the breakdown from different reports.

In general, the reports contain the following kinds of fees:

  • Settlement details report: breakdown of fees for settled transactions
  • Payment accounting report: breakdown of all transaction-related fees, including those that have not settled
  • Payment processing invoice: totals of fees incurred during the month, including fees charged on a monthly basis

The following are possible fees that your platform might incur and the reports where you can find them.

Fee Type Find this fee in Description of fee
Commission Percentage Settlement Details Report Adyen processing fee for blended rates.
FanF Per authorisation Monthly invoice The Fixed Acquirer Network Fee assessed by Visa. Only applies to the US.
Interchange Variable Settlement Details Report Fee assessed by issuing banks.
MarketPay Fund Transfer Service Per instruction Monthly invoice Adyen fee for the use of the Fund Transfer API.
MarketPay Payout Service Per instruction Monthly invoice Adyen fee for each executed payout.
MarketPay Sub-Merchant Verifications Per sub-merchant Monthly invoice Adyen fee for sub-merchant KYC and verification.
Markup Percentage Settlement Details Report Adyen fee for Interchange ++ pricing.
Merchant Location Fee Per store Monthly invoice Merchant Location Fee assessed by Mastercard. Only applies to the US.
Processing Per authorisation Payment Accounting Report Adyen fee for processing the transaction.
Scheme fees Per authorisation Settlement Details Report Fee assessed by card schemes.

Next steps

In the next section, we describe common reconciliation processes and the reports that you can use to implement them.