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Refusal reasons

Learn about the reasons why a payment authorisation can be refused.

If the HTTP 200/OK payment response includes a resultCode with the value Refused or Cancelled, a refusalReason field is added. This short message informs you why the payment or modification was refused.

The refusalReason field will provide one of the values below. You can test a number of these refusal reasons in our test environment.

Our Terminal API for Point of Sale has its own list of refusal reasons.

We have specified which payments with refused reasons can be retried. Contact Support Team to know more.

refusalReason Description Retry

3d-secure: Authentication failed

3D Secure authentication was not executed, or it did not execute successfully. Yes
Acquirer Fraud Possible fraud. No
Authentication Required The issuer declined the authentication exemption request and requires authentication for the transaction. Yes, retry with 3D Secure.
Blocked Card The card used for the transaction is blocked, therefore unusable. No
Cancelled The transaction was cancelled. Yes
CVC Declined The specified CVC (card security code) is invalid. Yes
Refused The transaction was refused. Yes
Declined Non Generic This response maps all those response codes that cannot be reliably mapped.
This makes it easier to tell generic declines (for example, Mastercard "05: Do not honor" response) from more specific ones.
Acquirer Error The transaction did not go through due to an error that occurred on the acquirer's end. Yes
Expired Card The card used for the transaction has expired. Therefore it is unusable. Yes
FRAUD Possible fraud. No
FRAUD-CANCELLED The risk check flagged the transaction as fraudulent (risk score >= 100); therefore, the operation is cancelled. No
Invalid Amount An amount mismatch occurred during the transaction process. No
Invalid Card Number The specified card number is incorrect or invalid. No
Invalid Pin The specified PIN number is incorrect or invalid. No
Issuer Suspected Fraud

Issuer reported the transaction as suspected fraud.

Issuer Unavailable It is not possible to contact the shopper's bank to authorise the transaction. Yes
Not enough balance The card does not have enough money to cover the payable amount. Yes
Not Submitted The transaction was not submitted correctly for processing. Yes
Not supported The shopper's bank does not support or does not allow this type of transaction. Yes
Pending The transaction is in between states, and it is waiting for its current state to be replaced with the new, pending one. No
Pin tries exceeded The shopper specified an incorrect PIN number more that three times in a row. Yes
Pin validation not possible It is not possible to validate the specified PIN number. No
Referral Referrals. No
Restricted Card

Decline codes such as

  • "62: Restricted Card", and
  • "62: Invalid card in this country"

are mapped to this refusal reason response value.

Revocation Of Auth Decline codes such as
  • "R1: Revocation of Authorization Order",
  • "R3: Revocation of All Authorizations Order", and
  • "R0: Stop Payment Order"

are mapped to this refusal reason response value.
It indicates that the shopper requested to stop a subscription.

Shopper Cancelled The shopper cancelled the transaction before completing it. Yes
Withdrawal count exceeded The number of withdrawals permitted for the shopper's card has exceeded. Yes
Withdrawal amount exceeded The withdrawal amount permitted for the shopper's card has exceeded. Yes
Transaction Not Permitted

Declined codes such as:

  • "57: Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholder",
  • "57: Transaction not allowed for this merchant", and
  • "58: Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminal"

are mapped to this refusal reason response value.


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