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The paymentMethodVariant field returns the type of payment method used during a transaction.

In addition to the values listed below, Adyen can return other payment method variants depending on your configuration.


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
mc Mastercard card (not classified)
mcdebit Mastercard debit card (not classified)
mccredit Mastercard credit card (not classified)
mcstandardcredit Mastercard standard credit card
mcstandarddebit Mastercard standard debit card
mcpremiumcredit Mastercard premium credit card
mcpremiumdebit Mastercard premium debit card
mcsuperpremiumcredit Mastercard super premium credit card
mcsuperpremiumdebit Mastercard super premium debit card
mccommercialcredit Mastercard commercial credit card
mccommercialdebit Mastercard commercial debit card
mccommercialpremiumcredit Mastercard commercial premium credit card
mccommercialpremiumdebit Mastercard commercial premium debit card
mccorporatecredit Mastercard corporate credit card
mccorporatedebit Mastercard corporate debit card
mcpurchasingcredit Mastercard purchasing credit card
mcpurchasingdebit Mastercard purchasing debit card
mcfleetcredit Mastercard fleet credit card
mcfleetdebit Mastercard fleet debit card
mcpro Mastercard Proprietary card
mc_applepay Apple Pay for Mastercard
mc_androidpay Android Pay for Mastercard
maestro Maestro card
bijcard Bijenkorf Mastercard


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
visa Visa card (not classified)
visadebit Visa debit card (not classified)
visacredit Visa credit card (not classified)
visastandardcredit Visa standard credit card
visastandarddebit Visa standard debit card
visapremiumcredit Visa premium credit card
visapremiumdebit Visa premium debit card
visasuperpremiumcredit Visa super premium credit card
visasuperpremiumdebit Visa super premium debit card
visacommercialcredit Visa commercial credit card
visacommercialdebit Visa commercial debit card
visacommercialpremiumcredit Visa commercial premium credit card
visacommercialpremiumdebit Visa commercial premium debit card
visacommercialsuperpremiumcredit Visa commercial super premium credit card
visacommercialsuperpremiumdebit Visa commercial super premium debit card
visacorporatecredit Visa corporate credit card
visacorporatedebit Visa corporate debit card
visapurchasingcredit Visa purchasing credit card
visapurchasingdebit Visa purchasing debit card
visafleetcredit Visa fleet credit card
visafleetdebit Visa fleet debit card
visadankort Visa Dankort card
visaproprietary Visa proprietary card
visa_applepay Apple Pay for Visa
visa_androidpay Android Pay for Visa
vpay VPay card
electron Visa electron card


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
amex Amex card
amex_applepay Apple Pay using Amex card
bcmc Bancontact debit card
cartebancaire Carte Bancaire

UnionPay card


UnionPay credit card

cupdebit UnionPay debit card
cupprepaid UnionPay prepaid card
diners Diners card
diners_applepay Apple Pay using Diners card
discover Discover card
discover_applepay Apple Pay using Discover card
jcb JCB card
jcbcredit JCB credit card
jcbdebit JCB debit card
jcbprepaid JCB prepaid card