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Authorisation for an IBAN payment

Mandatory sub-lines

The PaymentDetails and IBAN sub-lines described below are mandatory when submitting a bank transfer or a SEPA Direct Debit (DD) payment authorisation request.


This sub-line specifies transaction amount and customer details.

Optional fields: if you do not populate one or more non-mandatory fields and leave them blank, you need in any case to insert delimiting commas because the Adyen payments platform expects a preset, fixed number of fields per line/sub-line.
Field #FormatRequiredDescription
1Fixed value: SL-white_check_mark-Record type identifier
2Numeric-white_check_mark-SL sub-line record number reference within its parent line.The counter starts at 1, and it increments sequentially by one unit.
3Fixed value: PaymentDetails-white_check_mark-Transaction type.
Defines the required field types for the specific sub-line.
5Numeric-white_check_mark-The currency exponent.
6Alphabetic-white_check_mark-The three-character ISO currency code.
7Alphanumeric-x-A shopper's reference, which is the unique identifier for a shopper.
Required element for recurring payments and to create recurring contracts.
8Email address-x-The shopper's email address.
9Alphanumeric-x-Shopper statement.
The soft descriptor for the transaction.
10IP address-x-The IP address the shopper used to carry out the transaction.
11Numeric-x-Fraud offset.
The value to be applied to offset the calculated risk score.
It can be either a positive or a negative value.


  • This sub-line holds information about bank transfer or SEPA Direct Debit (DD) payments carried out using the shopper's IBAN details.
  • In an authorization request for IBAN payments, the IBAN sub-line needs to be submitted as sub-line 2.