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SAP Commerce release notes

Learn about the changes and improvements to our SAP Commerce add-on.

For technical details about these releases, refer to the release notes on GitHub.

Adyen payments add-on for SAP Commerce 6.4.0 (April 3rd, 2020)

New features

  • The plugin now supports SAP Commerce Cloud version 1905.

Adyen payments add-on for SAP Commerce 6.3.0 (Jan 17th, 2020)

New features

  • Added support for Combo Cards in Brazil.
  • Improved user experience for card payments.

Adyen payments add-on for SAP Commerce 6.2.0 (Oct 18th, 2019)

New features

  • You can now accept payments in-store from our point-of-sale devices. For instructions on how to set this up, refer to Point of sale (POS) settings.

Fixed issues

  • When paying with Klarna, the shopper no longer needs to enter their date of birth and SSN in your checkout page. With the new integration, they will need to fill in this information after they have been redirected to Klarna.