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SAP Commerce (Hybris)

Use the Adyen payments add-on for SAP Commerce (formerly Hybris) to accept payments with cards, wallets, and key local payment methods.

One integration gives you access to all features of the Adyen payments platform, including all global and preferred local payment methods, recurring payments, risk management, and conversion optimization. Integrate Adyen via SAP B2C Accelerator and take advantage of pre-built storefront components to get you up and running quickly.


Supported versions

If you want to offer PayPal as a payment method, you have to use add-on version 7.1.0 or later.

This documentation reflects the latest version of the add-on. You can find the latest version on GitHub. Our add-on supports the following:

  • SAP version 6.0 or later.
  • SAP version 1905 (only available in add-on version 6.4.0 or later).

We cannot offer support if you are not using the default SAP checkout. We do not recommend customizing the add-on, because this could make it harder to upgrade and maintain your integration. If you decide to customize, we recommend that you:

  • Keep track of the custom code added to your integration.
  • Create an issue on GitHub if you want to suggest a new feature for the add-on.

Get started

Before you begin to integrate, make sure you have followed the Get started with Adyen guide to:

  • Get an overview of the steps needed to accept live payments.
  • Create your test account.

While you wait for your application for a live account to be approved, you can start your integration using your test account.

If your application is approved, follow our go-live checklist to make sure you've got everything set up correctly.

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