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Power your Mirakl Marketplace with onboarding and payouts.

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Adyen's Mirakl connector integrates your Mirakl Marketplace with Adyen for Platforms. With Adyen for Platforms, you can perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and pay out to your sellers.


  • Automated onboarding: onboard sellers and let Adyen verify them with automated KYC checks using Adyen's Hosted Onboarding page.
  • Balance control: collect commissions using the Transfers API and the Mirakl subscription fee from your users.
  • Flexible payouts: payout domestically to all sellers on your Mirakl marketplace.
  • Compliance: comply with regulations in heavily regulated markets.
  • Unified data: synchronize the account data between your Mirakl marketplace and Adyen.
  • Balance Platform reports: get an overview of the balances across your Mirakl marketplace.

How it works

With our Mirakl connector, you use Adyen's hosted onboarding solution to collect the required information you need to onboard sellers to your Mirakl marketplace. After your sellers are onboarded, you can use the connector to collect funds from sellers and make flexible domestic payouts.

Our connector does not manage your pay-in flow. You need to implement payment, refund, and chargeback flows yourself. Follow the Set up payment flows guide to implement payment flows.

Before you begin

To use Adyen's Mirakl connector, you must have an ecommerce system for processing payments on behalf of your sellers, and splitting these funds between multiple balance accounts. By splitting payments, you can send the funds belonging to your sellers to their own balance accounts and collect your commission.

Get in touch with your Adyen point of contact if one of the following applies to you:

  • You have enabled the Issue invoices even if payable balance is negative feature in Mirakl.
  • You wish to migrate from another connector, for example from a previous version.

Get started

Before you begin to integrate, make sure you have followed the Get started with Adyen for Platforms guide to:

  • Get an overview of all the steps needed to go live.
  • Create your test account.
  • Generate API credentials.

While you wait for your live account credentials, you can start integrating by using your test account:

  1. Set up the connector.
  2. Check out how the onboarding flow works.
  3. Set up payment flows to implement payments.
  4. Learn how the connector handles payouts and commissions.
  5. Learn how to reconcile balances and manage invoices.
  6. Test and go live with your integration.

If you are experiencing an issue with your integration, have a look at our Troubleshooting guide.

Next steps