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Test and go live

Test your integration, and configure your live account, so you can start processing live transactions.

Test your integration

Before you start accepting payments, test your integration: 

  • Use our test card numbers to make test payments.
  • Test all the payment methods that you would like to offer. Review details on each test payment in the Adyen Customer Area.

Configure your live account

Once you have the credentials for your Adyen live account:

  1. Set up the app using your live account settings:

    • Your API key will change when you switch from test to live. Make sure that you also switch to the live API key in the Business Manager. 
    • Set up live endpoints. For more information, refer to Live endpoints.
    • Configure your Salesforce production environment (the Setup Menu and the CC Admin) with your live account values.
  2. Test your integration.

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