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Onboard and verify users

Learn to move your users through the verification process.

Your users' legal entity type and operating country determine the required verification information you need to collect from your users. You can use Adyen's Hosted onboarding or build your own UI to collect information from your users. After Adyen receives the information, the verification process starts automatically.

You can use the following types of onboarding:

  • Hosted onboarding: redirect the user to an Adyen page, where Adyen manages the user onboarding flow and user interface (UI).
  • API-only onboarding: build your own UI and make API calls to collect and send user data to Adyen. This onboarding type gives you full control over the user journey within your platform's environment.

Hosted onboarding

Hosted onboarding Postman flows

You can try out Postman flows in your private workspace to test all the required API calls with your own credentials. Select your business model: marketplace or platform.

Hosted onboarding is our recommended solution to collect the required information you need to onboard your users as it requires less implementation effort on your side. Your users provide their information directly in an Adyen-hosted page.

You can customize a theme for your hosted onboarding page. You then need to create legal entities and account holders for your users and redirect them to your page where they provide their verification information directly to Adyen.
If needed, you can change the language of the page and control user settings.

If your users need to accept Adyen's Terms of Service, we included this step on the hosted onboarding page.

You can onboard the following legal entity types:

You can use hosted onboarding in the following countries where your users are operating.

Czech Republic
Hong Kong (beta)
Isle of Man
United Kingdom (including Isle of Man & Jersey)
United States (including Puerto Rico)

The default language for the hosted onboarding page is English. You can change the language when creating a hosted onboarding link.

Instant bank account verification

For some countries and legal entity types, your users can choose to instantly verify their bank account details in your hosted onboarding page. They are prompted to log into their online banking environment and confirm their account details. Their bank account is then verified within seconds without them needing to provide a bank statement.

This feature is currently only available for the following countries and legal entity types.

Country Individuals Organizations
Austria -white_check_mark-
Belgium -white_check_mark-
Canada -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Denmark -white_check_mark-
Estonia -white_check_mark-
Finland -white_check_mark-
France -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Germany -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Ireland -white_check_mark-
Italy -white_check_mark-
Latvia -white_check_mark-
Lithuania -white_check_mark-
Netherlands -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Norway -white_check_mark-
Portugal -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Poland -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Spain -white_check_mark-
Sweden -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
United Kingdom -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
United States -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-

To test the instant bank verification flow, in your test environment select the test account for your specified country. Enter the corresponding user name and password.

Instant bank verification testing

Country Test account User name Password
Canada Demo Bank asd asd
Belgium Tink Demo Bank u51613239 cty440
Denmark Tink Demo Bank u51613239 cty440
Estonia Tink Demo Bank u91902655 jtx720
Finland Tink Demo Bank u80628915 puv375
France Tink Demo Bank u98563939 ene512
Germany Tink Demo Bank u98235448 cdz248
Italy Tink Demo Bank u51613239 cty440
Latvia Tink Demo Bank u91902655 jtx720
Lithuania Tink Demo Bank u91902655 jtx720
Netherlands Tink Demo Bank u48874162 idz429
Norway Tink Demo Bank u26049657 mip544
Poland Tink Demo Bank u51613239 cty440
Portugal Tink Demo Bank u51613239 cty440
Spain Tink Demo Bank u82144157 ymm529
Sweden Tink Demo Bank u27678322 vrh343
United Kingdom Tink Demo Bank u30315772 ndg370
United States Demo Bank asd asd

To see an example of the entire hosted onboarding flow, you can watch a video here:

API-only onboarding

With the API-only onboarding, you need to build the UI for your issuing where you collect data from your users. You then need to submit the collected data to Adyen by making requests to the Legal Entity Management API and the Configuration API.

Onboarding versioning

We regularly make non-breaking changes to the Legal Entity Management API to provide you with updates without requiring you to reintegrate with Adyen. Any changes to the LEM API are described in our release notes.

Note that forward compatibility is not currently supported. For example, a legal entity created in LEM API v3 cannot be updated using LEM API v2.

We sometimes need to introduce breaking changes to:

  • Provide new onboarding features.
  • Improve your onboarding performance and stability.
  • Ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements.

When we introduce a breaking change, a new version of the LEM API is released. If there are critical required security or compliance changes, these are first released in test environments four weeks before they are available in live. Adyen notifies you about these changes in Balance Platform Customer Area.

API release schedule

We aim to release new stable versions of the Legal Entity Management API and Hosted onboarding on a consistent basis. We recommend you upgrade to the latest API version as soon as possible. Although older versions can still be used, they do not receive any additional updates.

Before we release a new stable version of the LEM API, we offer a preview API-only release candidate version. Note that this version does not offer hosted onboarding support.

The release candidate version is subject to change based on feedback received from our merchants who are willing to pilot. The release candidate API version provide early access to new features and improvements planned for the latest stable version.

To get access to the release candidate version, contact your Adyen account manager.

Sunsetting API versions and upgrading to new versions

As part of our API lifecycle management, we may need to sunset older versions of the Legal Entity Management API. This means that after the specified sunset date, you can no longer use that version of the API. We aim to give you enough notice of the sunset time to allow for integration with the new API versions.

If you use hosted onboarding, remaining compliant requires no additional effort on your part.

If you use API-only onboarding, you will need to upgrade to the latest API version before the sunset date of the version that you are currently using.

How to onboard your users

Your users' legal entity type and operating country determine the minimum required verification information you need to collect.