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View payment details

View information about the payments ocurring in your platform

Best practice: Webhooks

Track transfers by listening to webhooks.

This page explains how to view payment and transfer details using the API and your Balance Platform Customer Area.

In your balance platform, transfers represent funds that are credited or debited from a balance account. Before any money movement occurs, transfers must be:

  1. Initiated by events such as paying with an Adyen card or adding funds to a balance account.
  2. Authorized by Adyen.
  3. Captured, in payment events, or booked, in other events.

You can track the status and details of transfers to support your business operations. For recurring operations, such as reconciling payments, we recommend that you listen to webhooks.

In other cases, you can view transfer details by making a GET /transfers request or using the Transfers page in your Balance Platform Customer Area.

Before you begin

To view transfer details, ensure that you have the required permissions:

View a list of payments and transfers

You can view the list of transfers in your by making a GET /transfers request, or in your Customer Area.

To view a list of payments and transfers in your Customer Area:

  1. Go to Transfers.
  2. Use filters to tailor the list.

With filters, you can modify the list of transfers based on the date, status, or reference numbers. This helps to highlight payments with refusal problems.

For example, to see a list of refused card payments within a specific period, set the following filters:

  • Date: set a date range.
  • Type: select Payment.
  • Status: select Refused.

View a specific payment or transfer

The following tabs explain how to find a specific transfer using your Customer Area or our API.

You can search for a payment by its ID or description. You can limit the scope of search results by applying filters before searching.

To search for a payment:

  1. Select Search.
  2. On the dropdown menu, select Transfers.
  3. In the text field, enter information such, as the Transfer ID or Payment instrument ID.

The search window now shows only the corresponding payments.

You can also see the payment details listed in a separate Transfers details page. To open this page, select a Transfer ID.